Leave Me Alone: Psychedelic Skateboard Fighting Game Coming To iOS, Android

Take Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Beavis & Butthead, inject it with LSD and give it mobile controls and you have yourself the outrageously psychedelic skateboard fighting game from Crescent Moon Games, Leave Me Alone.

The game’s first trailer has arrived and Touch Arcade did a brief write-up on this crazy game. All I can say is holy crap that trailer is insane.

Mobile games oftentimes get a bad wrap because they’re crappy, cash shop hounding, microtransaction leeches that are as entertaining as watching a diabetic’s gout grow in real time. However, I have to say that Leave Me Alone looks like something that would have released during the 1990s when the Sega Genesis was getting all sorts of cool counter-culture games like Comix Zone and Toxic Avengers. Check out the trailer below.


Giant murderous clowns, flying dragons, diabolic demons, sewer mutants and flying skateboard sanctuaries? That is some crazy stuff. Even Adult Swim’s more outlandish cartoons have a hard time topping the insanity found in Leave Me Alone.

Players will have a mix of pulling off skateboarding tricks in various stunt-themed stages while also stopping to trade fisticuffs with various enemies. It’s a crazy mix that actually seems to work, based on the trailer.

It almost seems like one of those games that takes a trip into the distorted mind of an angst-ridden 14-year-old dealing with the pressures of society, school and the expectations from parents while attempting to find oneself through the miscellaneous pastime of skateboarding – all of this projected through antagonistic entities barreling down on the protagonist like stifling brimstone during Armageddon.

This is probably the kind of game that would make for a great deconstruction via some disquisition on YouTube. Anyway, you can look for Leave Me Alone to launch on iOS and Android compatible devices starting September 24th. Need more info? Feel free to visit Crescent Moon Games’ official website.


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