Lara Croft GO Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

One of the games that released late into August was Lara Croft GO. It’s an adventure platforming game for mobile devices featuring the classic Lara Croft who raided tombs in short-shorts and a tank top while dual-wielding pistols and not giving a crap about social politics. The game can be very difficult to play and thankfully there is a complete gameplay walkthrough available to help you out if you get stuck.

YouTuber rrvirus has a short four video series covering the mobile platforming game, featuring hints and guided tours of where to pick up some of the relics or uncover some of the hidden treasures. The first video is the Maze of Snakes, the second video is the Maze of Stones, the third video is the Maze of Spirits and the fourth video is The Escape. It’s not a very long game. You can check out the video series below.

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In the video they missed one of the gilded skull fragments between area 1 – 3. In the third area, once you enter, to your far right there is a gilded skull fragment, as noted by YouTube user Douglas G. There is a pitfall there so it makes it difficult to spot at first but you can always redo the level to get the piece if you missed it the first time.

For segment 3 of 10 in the Maze of the Snakes, there’s a part where a snake is facing Lara and she can’t get close. You have to climb down on the side and activate the ground saw to cut through the snake and then climb up past it to continue. For similar segments don’t forget to check the sides or bottoms of the areas to get around certain obstacles. For the snakes and other threats you can usually take them out from the side, the top or the back but not from the front. Later on when you get a torch you can use it to scare some enemies away by a space and even attack them head-on, so be sure to use torches as often as you can.

All the puzzles in the game are logic puzzles and may require a bit of thought but few of them are as challenging as something out of a game like Stasis or Life Is Strange. You can download Lara Croft GO right now for the iOS or Android devices.


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