Herolike, Action-RPG Rogue-Like Close To Being Greenlit

GamesHut’s Herolike is a 3D, action-RPG where players pick their class and attempt to save the world from an evil that wants to corrupt the planet. The game allows players to build up a town, take on enemies with a variety of weapons and battle through environments to take on bosses.

Over on the Steam Greenlight page GamesHut acknowledged that they’re gaining momentum and moving closer to being Greenlit…

“Thank you very much for your awesome support during this campaign. We are getting close to being Greenlit and all the thanks must go to you!”

There’s a brief Q&A on the page where they reveal that yes, there will be female avatars available for the characters. It’s only a visual swap, so the team will simply need to “commit” to making the 3D models for the classes.

They also mention that building up the towns will require resources and materials, but those are gathered by completing missions. So the more missions you complete the more resources you can get, in turn this opens up more opportunities to expand your custom town.

The game will also sport cooperative multiplayer modes, so you and your friends can battle the forces of evil together. You can take a look at what the game looks like in action with the Greenlight trailer below.

Herolike Greenlight Trailer

This Hack ‘n’ Slash roguelike fantasy game allows you to be a powerful hero on the rise. The world is held together by the Earth Stone, an ancient powerful mechanism. Of course that Evil wants to corrupt this artifact in order to bring destruction to the world.

One of the things I like is that the game has a soft checkpoint system. There is perma-death but players can stave off a fate of their undoing by building what’s called the Altar of War. The altar will allow players one single revive if they die. Players will have to craft the Altar of War for a chance at revival. However, after dying and being revived the Altar of War crumbles and will require materials to craft once again. If a player dies without having the altar built then they will permanently lose the character.

Herolike definitely has some interesting elements going for it and if you think this is the kind of action-RPG rogue-like that deserves to have a place on the Steam store you can upvote and favorite the game by paying a visit to the Steam Greenlight page.


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