Guerilla Games Shows New Live Footage Of Horizon: Zero Dawn

Back in June we got to see Horizon: Zero Dawn in action at E3. However, Sony recently held the stage at TGS and let Guerrilla Games showcase the robotic open-world game in a live play session. Although the devs were in the same gameplay area as the E3 trailer, they take some different approaches in this new live video.

One of the many things that I like about Horizon is that it reminds me of a bigger and futuristic version of Monster Hunter. For those that played the MH series should know that standing around will get you killed. Movement and strategy is the key essential to defeating any small or giant creature you have to face in those game, which is something that Horizon brings.

Although this is the second video for Guerrilla Games new IP, I think that they did a good job of showing the prehistoric/futuristic game’s features in both videos. From the aesthetics to the gameplay mechanics, the video reveals those features very nicely while operating quite well.

Since the game has been played live during TGS, we got to see some new approaches that’s different from the E3 scenario, which comes-off less clean than the staged one during June’s event. In this video, we also get some commentary by the devs explaining certain things about the environment and the game itself. You can watch the new video that was posted by Giuseppe Nelva, as seen below.

Horizon: Zero Dawn on PS4 Played Live for the Very First Time

Full article: Recorded from Nico Nico Livestream. Sorry fr the low quality inherent to the Nico Nico service.

To be honest, I’m really pleased with this game’s E3 video and live play at the Tokyo Game Show. Although I haven’t played this game, it sure does look fun with all of its unique monsters and after post-apocalyptic environment. Something that would be really great, if the game’s official release still keeps every battle with the robotic/dino things as intense as this video; that would be awesome.

If this game seems interesting to you, the action-RPG game is set to come out sometime during 2016. And if you want more information on Horizon: Zero Dawn, you can head on over to the official Playstation site for additional details.

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