Final Fantasy XV Dawn 2.0 Trailer Covers Noctis And Luna’s Backstory

Square Enix posted up a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV for this year’s Tokyo Game Show taking place in Tokyo, Japan. The trailer delves into the painful pasts of both main characters Noctis and Luna.

The wording in the press release gives the impression that you might be playing Luna in the game since they refer to both Luna and Noctis as the main “protagonists” of the game as opposed to simply referring to Noctis.

We see that there’s some kind of abuse going on in Luna’s past but of course gamers will actually have to play the game to be able to understand exactly what’s happening. You can check out the trailer below.

FINAL FANTASY XV – Dawn 2.0 Trailer

The destiny of the stars is set in motion 15 years before the events of FINAL FANTASY XV. This updated cut of the “Dawn” trailer reveals new footage of the game’s protagonists, Noctis and Luna, as the hardships of their past give them purpose in the present. Their journey begins.

Luna having all the guns pointed at her and then stoically standing up and walking past them while brushing one of the guns off to the side seems to have lit up the comment section with a lot of people praising her for being a “boss”. The press release further explains…

“Players will catch a glimpse of the fateful duo’s internal strife as Luna struggles against the restrictive imperial hold over Niflheim and Noctis prepares himself for the journey ahead.”

In addition to unveiling “Dawn 2.0” – a follow-up trailer to the original “Dawn” trailer that showed how Noctis’ homeland came under Imperial rule after his father was tricked into a peace treaty – Square also revealed a new video showing the team as they went location scouting for inspiration and ideas to including in Final Fantasy XV. You can check it out below.

FINAL FANTASY XV World of Wonder Vol.2 Location Hunt

Striving for excellence in a relentless pursuit of their passion, the FINAL FANTASY XV development team has held nothing back in their location scouting for the game. Watch them get up close and personal to the real-world elements, wildlife, and technology that have gone on to become the inspiration of FINAL FANTASY XV.

It’s pretty neat that literally a lot of what you see in Final Fantasy XV, from the camp sites setup by the Japanese-boy-band-members-turned-heroes to the rocky mountain passes and large vast plains that they cross throughout their journey are all documented in some way in real life with the location scouting video above. It wasn’t like the team were just pulling ideas and themes out of a hat.

The release date for Final Fantasy XV hasn’t been cemented yet but the development team behind the game will officially announce the release date in March of 2016. Previously they announced that they would be announcing the date that they would announce the release date during GamesCom. It’s silly, I know.

You can keep track of the game and its progress by paying a visit to the official website.


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