Digimon World: Next Order PS Vita Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Bandai Namco has been on a roll lately when it comes to announcements and throwing out new assets and content for their upcoming line-up of games for handhelds and dedicated home consoles. One of the upcoming games due for release on the PS Vita is Digimon World: Next Order and it received a new gameplay trailer showing off the new playable protagonists during this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

The dedicated website to PlayStation Vita games, iPlayPSVita, spotted the new trailer from over on the YouTube channel V Jump. You can check out the gameplay trailer below.

『デジモンワールド -next 0rder-』 TGS用PV

―ぼくらの世界が進化する― 1999年に発売されて以来根強い人気を誇る『デジモンワールド』シリーズ。 “”リ:デジタイズ””から約2年の月日を経て帰ってくる! リアルタイム育成、個性的なフィールドの数々、伝統のAIバトル… 2体のパートナーデジモンとの冒険により、シリーズならではの要素が新たな進化を遂げる!! ―忘れかけていた、思い出の贈り物    奇跡の光が灯るとき、新たな冒険の扉が開く―

The feedback for the game has been quite positive. The combat for this particular Digimon game is similar to Ni No Kuni, insofar that the battles will be random encounters from on the adventure map but players will be transported into a semi real-time combat phase where they can unleash attacks and special moves.

Siliconera had previously reported that players will take command of main protagonist Takuto, who will be accompanied by Digimon Agumon and Gabumon. The second playable protagonist is the female high-school student Shiki, she’ll be accompanied by Biyomon.

It’s not made clear if players will be able to collect and play as additional Digimon throughout the game but Digimon evolutions are definitely part of the gameplay experience.

The open world gameplay exploration and dynamic combat will likely draw back in fans of the series and could potentially attract new gamers. Of course, the only major drawback is that being exlucisve to the PS Vita means it may not sell the way Bandai Namco wants outside of Japan. Even Sony has been keen to show little to no interest in supporting the PS Vita.

It’s a complete toss up if Digimon World: Next Order will see the light of day on Vitas in North America and Europe, but Japanese gamers will be able to experience the title when it launches in 2016 for Sony’s dying but fan-favorite portable gaming device.


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One thought on “Digimon World: Next Order PS Vita Gameplay Trailer Revealed

  1. The game seems to an honorable salute to the PS1 game: Digimon World (that actually came before the anime’s first season. I played that shit till my eyes pop out. In that one, you could digivolve your digimon to any other digimon in the game, so it’s very likely that this one will be the same.

    If it’s gonna get localized or not I think will depend on the commercial success of the other Bandai’s Digimon game to be released next year, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth for the PS4 and PS Vita. That one is getting localized alright. If that one sells well enough, it’s likely that Digimon World will get a localization as well.

    The Digimon brand as whole is getting a revival because millenials.

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