Daily Mail Suing Gawker For Defamation And Damaging Their Reputation

A U.K., outlet called the Daily Mail is known for running gossip and tawdry tabloid stories. They’re suing Gawker on the grounds of defamation. If this seems like some kind of bizarre joke, I assure you that it’s real.

Mediaite picked up a story from the Washington Post where they reported that the Daily Mail is suing #GamerGate’s arch villain: Gawker.

The Washington Post picked a cogent quote from James King’s article on Gawker, which stated…

“[T]he Mail’s editorial model depends on little more than dishonesty, theft of copyrighted material, and sensationalism so absurd that it crosses into fabrication,”

The Daily Mail’s suit was filed with the New York State Supreme Court in the United States of America. They claim in a 34-page complaint that Gawker’s article resulted in the Daily Mail’s reputation, goodwill and business image being ruined by Gawker’s “defamatory statements”.

This is like a troll telling an ogre that he’s disgusting.

Gawker taking shots at the Daily Mail is definitely warranted but also an oxymoron. Gawker has been on the receiving end of a lawsuit by Hulk Hogan for distributing his sex tape, and they’ve also come under fire for outing the CFO of Conde Naste. That’s not to mention that they lost more than a million after being targeted by #GamerGate for their poor reporting and undisclosed affiliate endorsements. Speaking of the latter, even the FTC is investigating Gawker at the moment for their lack of disclosure regarding affiliate links and native advertising.

The Washington Post article details how King spilled the beans on the Daily Mail since he was a former writer for the rag. What’s worse is that suing someone for telling the truth reflects very poorly on the complainant.

Even still, both media outlets have poor reputations in the world of online media journalism and I doubt any tears will be shed if one or the other topples over.


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