Frontier CEO Explains Elite Dangerous Xbox One Features And More

Reddit readers who participated in Frontier Developments CEO David Braben’s AMA for Elite Dangerous Xbox One and PC Q&A should already know the low-down, but for folks that didn’t attend, there is some interesting news about the space shooter that might catch your interest.

Frontier Developments’ CEO David Braben hosted an AMA for Elite Dangerous on Reddit, which is currently available for PC and Xbox One, and will arrive later for PS4. Braben told fans during the AMA that the Xbox One version will sync up with the PC version in the form of player bases and exploration, and will take place somewhere around October 6th, when the full game releases.

According to some of the questions and comments, it seems that folks like the Xbox One version, and is receiving the console version quite well. Furthermore, Braben noted that folks will be informed about Horizons in the coming weeks, which is an expansion pack to Elite Dangerous and should add some interesting content to the game.

During the question and answering segment, a fan asked Braben if there will be any mod support for the Xbox One version for Elite Dangerous. He responded saying that he couldn’t promise a console version with applicable mod support, but it was something the team looked into.

In addition, there was an interesting query, which came in the form of one user who had a commander that was on both the PC and Xbox One versions, and wanted to know if the commander would become the PC commander or would it operate either way when the game ships. Braben stated that…

 “Xbox is currently in the GPP (Game Preview Program), so has a ‘parallel world’ to enable testing. When we release we will sync the two worlds.”

The CEO also talked a little about Kinect, and how folks won’t be able to use head-tracking while playing the game. Although it sounds like the game won’t use all of Kinect’s features, folks will able to communicate to other players through the motion camera.

Anyone who wants more information about Elite Dangerous or the Horizons expansion pack you can head on over to their main site, or if you want you can read the full AMA over on Reddit for the additional questions that were answered.

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