Ubisoft Details Surviving In The Division And Going Rogue

Ubisoft recently took to their blog and started dropping quite a bit of information on The Division, and even clarified a lot of the mechanics and features for the general public, which includes an extensive Q&A by fans talking about multiplayer, PVP, weapons, equipment, the Dark Zone and going rogue.

In Ubisoft’s recent update oo their blog, the devs talk about some of the new features in the game and what players can expect from The Division. Although we’ve seen quite a bit of the Dark Zone during E3, we don’t know all the official specs and details of the mode/area. Well, any questions you might have could be answered in a new video where the devs explain some of the feature like…

“How exactly does the PvP work? What is Rogue status? Is there still plenty of cool loot to be found outside of the Dark Zone? This Community Q&A with the developers, hopes to answer all of those questions.”

Before we jump straight into the video, publication site the Examiner notes that becoming a Rogue individual can be achieved by killing other players in the Dark Zone, which will give you extra loot, exp and items per kill. Moreover, folks will have a five-minute timer on them when they kill a player in the Dark Zone, adding on to both your bounty and your reward. If you die while the timer is still going you lose all the extra rewards and that player gets the bounty, but if you survive you get all of loot, exp and gear.

The devs further explain Rogue status below.

“You climb the levels of Rogue by killing other players. If you are a level one Rogue, you’re Rogue for two minutes. But if you kill more players, you’re Rogue for a longer period of time. Every time you kill a player you refresh that counter and it increases up to five minutes. If you manage to survive your Rogue status – which is pretty difficult because all the players want to kill you and can see you on the map – then you receive your own bounty. So you can progress in the Dark Zone by being a Rogue, but it’s pretty risky and difficult.”

Now I should explain that the more I see and hear of this game, the more I don’t won’t to play it. Although I haven’t played The Division, from the looks of it, the game seems like you play it for a week and find yourself bored with it, seeking for any type of substantial merit to keep going. But then again, the final release hasn’t arrived so I’ll have to wait and see how the final product plays out.

But for those that might be like me, or who is on the fence about this game, might have a second opinion about The Division with this new video, which explains and clarifies certain features courtesy of Ubisoft’s blog.

Tom Clancy’s The Division Community Q&A: August 2015 [US]

In this community Q&A we took YOUR questions straight to the The Division’s dev team to give you more insight into The Dark Zone, the pluses and minuses of being a Rouge Agent, PvP/PvE, and where you can find valuable loot and powerful gear. Have a question about The Division?

Moreover, there are still quite a bit of questions that needs to be answered about the game, however that shouldn’t be a big problem since December’s beta release is said to approach nearly every question that fans have about the game. The Division is set to drop next year and is slated to land on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 8th.

Author: Ethan


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