Street Fighter 5 Video Reveals R. Mika Is The Only Wrestler In The Game

If you felt like there hasn’t been enough video footage of Necalli gameplay or you were just fascinated in seeing more of Rainbow Mika in action, some new gameplay footage has surfaced out of this year’s PAX Prime that features both R. Mika and Necalli amongst a few other pugilists on the roster.

After a few minutes of chitchat, Peter “Combofiend” Rosas and Gamespot’s Chris Waters get into the nit and grit of game and the characters.

Early on we get to see R. Mika unleash some of her amazing new moves and Rosas explains that Capcom really wanted her to have more grounded professional wrestling moves compared to her showing in Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Rosas also mentions that her grappling and command throws have been ramped up to dish out more damage, so she’s at least going to be a high enough in the tiers for consideration during tournament play. This is also amplified by the fact that her V-Skills allow her to make use of her Nadeshiko call-in as a serious wild card that can throw the match into any direction due to the unpredictability of the call-in. Check it out in the video below.

SF V: R. Mika Gameplay & Combofiend takes on PAX Prime 2015 – Stage Show

Check out live gameplay of R.Mika as PAX attendees take on Capcom’s ComboFiend in Street Fighter V. Add us on YouTube Gaming!

An interesting revelation that occurred after the first match ended is that we learn that they could only have one wrestler in the game, according to Rosas. Rainbow Mika was that wrestler. At the 5:30 mark Rosas reveals…

“We can only have one wrestler character so we made it Mika instead of Nadeshiko” […] “She had to get her time to shine, right?”

I guess it’s safe to assume that El Fuerte won’t be part of the base line-up of characters? I suppose this would also apply to both Hugo and Zangief as well? Anyway, it’s not like they can’t add in more wrestlers later through DLC. And knowing Capcom more wrestlers will likely be added via DLC.

For all of you sad about this news, take a bit of comfort in the gif below… it’ll make you forget all about El Fuerte and whats-his-name.

Later into the video we get to see Necalli in action and his wild hair. We learn how the character is more of a rush-down style brawler that’s good for cornering opponents and keeping them there. I imagine only very skilled players will want to main someone like Necalli due to his limited range and wild-man style.

If you wanted to check out Street Fighter V now is the time to do it if you already pre-ordered because the beta is currently live for PlayStation 4 owners. Capcom kind of botched up the original beta for the PS4 this past July like the New York Times playing hopscotch with the facts on their Hillary Clinton story, as noted by The Atlantic.

Anyway, if you haven’t pre-ordered the game don’t sweat it because Capcom will roll out additional betas for both PS4 and PC gamers ahead of Street Fighter V’s 2016 launch.


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