Payday 2: Yakuza DLC Announced With A Sick New Trailer

Even if you’re tired of the DLC in Overkill Software’s Payday 2, one thing absolutely stands out above and beyond criticism: the Yakuza DLC trailer. This story package will make you want to play a cool Yakuza game and the art-style will make you wonder why we haven’t received a game like this yet?

Technically, the art-style is similar to Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Chronicles series, where we have a sort of Edo scroll art-style that gives the impression as if you’re watching the story unfold via parchment.

The trailer for Payday 2’s Yakuza DLC is mostly about a character named Kiro, searching for his son and seeking revenge. You can check it out below.

PAYDAY 2: Yakuza Character Pack Trailer

Japan is a land of warriors… The Yakuza Character Pack comes out on August 27! Includes: – Jiro playable character – Katana and Micro Uzi – Yakuza Perk Deck – Jiro Mask Jiro is portrayed by Togo Igawa.

This isn’t the sort of DLC I would buy for the game (maybe) but hot dang does it tempt you into wanting a copy. It reminded me a lot of Sleeping Dogs or a Yakuza film from Takeshi Kitano.

If you’re into the Japanese crime fiction then I’m sure this was all kinds of orgasmic for you, but if you’re only interested in new DLC for Payday 2 you might find the offerings a little less than flavorful.

Payday 2

The Yakuza DLC pack contains Jiro as a playable character, a swell as a katana and micro-uzi as the two new weapons joining an already extensive smorgasbord of guns, clubs and swords, and there’s a Jiro mask with all new customization attributes. Additionally there’s a Yazkua perk deck, presumably with new skills and abilities to rank up.

You can look for the Yazkua DLC to launch for Payday 2 on August 27th. You can learn more about the heisting shooter game by paying a visit to the official website. Payday 2 is currently available for PC and home consoles but only the Xbox One and PS4 are eligible for receiving the newer DLC.


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2 thoughts on “Payday 2: Yakuza DLC Announced With A Sick New Trailer

  1. There are very few games that push as much DLC as Payday. It almost makes CoD map packs look reasonable in comparison. Almost.

    1. You think that’s bad, you should check out DLC for Paradox strategy games. The way they break up DLC would be the equivalent of Overkill selling the yakuza mask and weapons separately.

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