Overcrowd: A Commute ‘Em Up Is One Crazy Sim Game

Overcrowd: A Commute ‘Em Up takes the time management and community recreation sub-genre to a whole new level of frenetic action and fast-paced craziness. The game is designed by SquarePlay and it fuses the isometric management aspects of Theme Park or Theme Hospital with a heavy dose of bodily fluids, crude violence and a dash of humor.

The game has been tearing it up on Steam Greenlight and with good reason. It’s a slapstick mind-warp that appears to want to gross gamers out as much as keep them entertained, Surgeon Simulator style. A prime recipe for fun, no doubt?

You can check out the frantically paced trailer below, which is perfectly cut together to give gamers an exact idea of just how over-the-top and hectic the gameplay is. Check it out below.

Overcrowd: A Commute ‘Em Up Trailer

This trailer shows a very early build! If you’re interested, check other videos on this channel to see how game looks now. Overcrowd is multi-level-station-building, staff-training, shift-scheduling management sim with a 24hr day/night cycle set on the London underground.

The basic features are all rolled out in the trailer above, but if you were having a tough time keeping track (and who could blame you?) there’s a list of the arcade-style features on the Greenlight page. Gamers will be able to hire, fire and upgrade the staff to deal with all sorts of wacky, crazy and scary circumstances, ranging from raging crowds coming off the commuter trains, to viruses, outbreaks, infestations, killings, violence and even the gastric flu.

The game will aim to provide gamers with procedural level designs and increased scripted and dynamic events to keep the action flowing and the encounters feeling fresh and unpredictable.


The feedback on Steam has been very positive. A lot of gamers have been very reactive to the crazy pace and outlandish concept. I think the sheer volume of what’s happening on-screen helps lend itself as a separating factor to many other time-management games out there.

SquarePlay has plans to deliver the game straight into Steam’s Early Access once they get Greenlit. If you feel as if this is the kind of game you could see yourself playing in your spare time or as a major pastime, you can visit the Steam Greenlight page to spare an upvote and a favorite.


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