One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 On PC Suffers From PS3 Quality Graphics

If you were keen on picking up Bandai Namco and Koei Tecmo’s One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 on PC through Steam, keep in mind that the game doesn’t quite look like the promotional screenshots that have been going around. No, instead the game on PC looks like the PS3 version… according to early user reviews.

Over on Steam, One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 recently released alongside the console version of the game on PS3 and PS4. While the game sports achievements, controller support and even the much beloved local co-op, it appears to be lacking high-definition textures and high-end post-processing effects. What’s worse is that according to some of the user reviews, these features can’t be turned on or turned up through the options menu.

Calorie Mate has a very detailed version-to-version comparison between Pirate Warriors 3 on PC and the one on PS4. It’s also made known that PC gamers are getting gimped with the game, stating…

“[…] if you actually care about the PC as a gaming platform, and how it is treated by some publishers, then you might want to sit this one out.


“Look at the screenshots in the gallery above. You see the texture quality, the lighting and visual effects such as ambient occlusion? Not there. You see the rain in two of the screenshots? Not even close to that weird effect that’s actually in the game.


“The game is also missing the online co-op that’s included in the console versions. When asked on twitter for a reason, or if they would consider including it in an update, Bandai simply responded with: “It was stated on Steam that the online mode would not be included :)” Make of that what you will.”

Others were a little more nonchalant about the missing features or downgraded graphics. Steam user Dakebs wrote…

“No need to explain, you just need to play using a controller for better gameplay experience. The Graphics is very Identical to the Vita version though that’s just a Minor Issue, it’s a fun game no doubt, but it’s not with the same league as Dynasty Warriors Gundam Series in terms of game mechanics, it lacks innovation.”

Generally, a lot of gamers are okay with the controls and the actual gameplay, but some of the limited options or missing options didn’t sit too well with some gamers.

Despite some of the missing features, users like Dhoom were willing to cut Bandai Namco and Tecmo Koei some slack…

“Apparently, the graphics are locked at a lower level than they should be, and Namco-Bandai are looking into the issue. Hopefully this means that the port will only continue to improve, and eventually reach PS4-level material.”

Rayge was a little less forgiving, noting that the game is being falsely advertised with graphics from the PS4 version while the PC version is stuck looking like a PS Vita or PS3 port, writing in the review…

“There is no way that I can recommend this at it’s current state. Maybe all that needs to be done is to have the graphics options enabled somehow in a patch. Hopefully this is just a quick fix, but for right now the store page’s pictures is falsely advertising this game.”

Bandai Namco did confirm on Twitter that they are looking into the issue, but they didn’t offer any time frames on when a fix would arrive.

It’s odd because even from super fanboys who had tons of praise to pour over the game, they even had to acknowledge that there are drawbacks to One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 on PC and that the Glorious PC Master Race may need to hold off on purchasing the game until it’s properly fixed. Drip started off the review by acknowledging how awesome the game is but still had to acknowledge its pitfalls, writing…

“This game is near impossible to play on the keyboard. This gets a line all of its own. Then again, this game was developed for consoles and controllers so take that as you will.


“Its a PS3 port! Noooooooo!! I didn’t spend this kind of money on a computer of this caliber, to have Koei Temco port a version of the game from last gen. I’m very disappointed in this.”

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 is available right now for PS Vita, PS3 and PS4, along with the PC version. On PC the game is available for $49.99 over on the Steam store. At the moment there haven’t been any updates or patches for the game as of the publishing of this article, but hopefully Bandai Namco will get on Koei Tecmo to push out a few fixes for the game to avoid another Toukiden: Kiwami situation.


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