IGDA Survey Shows Devs Are Less Confident In Industry Diversity

Compared to the survey results from 2014, a new IGDA survey shows that 12.5% of developers are less interested in seeking or establishing more diversity in the gaming industry. The results come from some preliminary numbers released by the International Game Developers Association ahead of the full survey rundown due to drop on September 2nd.

GamesIndustry.biz has some of the stats from the survey and the numbers are very interesting. The survey consisted of 2,900 developers covering a variety of topics.

According to one section, only 41.6% acknowledged that they had a positive outlook on the industry, while 33.5% felt they had a negative outlook on the industry. 24.9% were neutral on the matter.

These numbers are very interesting. Last year in the IGDA 2014 report the stats showed some other interesting trends about how developers saw “factors influencing society’s negative perception of the industry” and 68% of them felt the working conditions were a factor, where as 32% felt that they weren’t. A whopping 67% felt that sexism in games factored in to how society views games, where-as 33% felt that sexism in games did not affect society’s negative perception of games. It was nearly split on sexism in the workforce and to no one’s surprise 62% felt that society’s negative perception of games is the link to violence.

Last year 74% of the developers surveyed felt that diversity in the workplace was very important. 79% felt that diversity in the entire gaming industry was very important. In this year’s snapshot only 66.5% felt diversity in the industry was important. A massive 12.5% drop from last year.

Basically, all the heavy-handed “we need to get straight white guys out of gaming” propaganda from the media may have had some small effect on the way developers actually feel about some groups using strong language to push them out of the industry for the sake of diversity.

Also, according to GI.biz the IGDA report for 2015 states that 48.8% of developers feel that equal opportunities are not available in the gaming industry. 38.6% feel that equal opportunities have been achieved and 12.5% seem to be about as confused as Michael Jackson was in regards to his race and skin color.

Those stats stats have only changed by small percentages compared to 2014 when it comes to the negative side of the numerical table, since 47% said that the gaming industry did not provide equal opportunities for all. However, last year there were far less people who felt sure about the equal opportunities provided in the industry, with only 28% saying that they felt that the opportunities were there and 23% were in the unsure boat. The unsure camp dropped down 10.5% from 2014 to 2015. The camp more positive about equal opportunities rose by 10.6% compared to last year.

I’m very curious to see what the rest of the stats look like when they’re finally revealed.


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3 thoughts on “IGDA Survey Shows Devs Are Less Confident In Industry Diversity

  1. Hah, try to shove down ideology through guerrilla rethoric tactics and this is what happens, people start to go on the opposite direction not because they don’t agree with your values, but they hate all that toxic rethoric.

  2. I want to know the 2900 developers they surveyed. It’s the IGDA and though it says international, aren’t many of it’s members indie developers not AAA? Also did they only survey IGDA members? Were 2900 surveys sent out or more sent out and only 2900 people answered? I’m hoping such questions are answered come september, but it seems for surveys like this they never divulge that type of information,only generic information and never the exact questions that were asked, only the information they obtained from the answers. If you word questions in a certain way you can manipulate the answers you get.

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