Homefront Gameplay And Trailer Revealed At Gamescom

Deep Silver and Dumbuster Studios recently revealed Homefront: The Revolution at Gamescom this morning. The game’s revealing arrived with a new trailer and some gameplay footage showcasing the game’s mechanics and more.

Fans of Homefront finally get to see the latest trailer and gameplay footage, which surfaced from Gamescom and gave players a nice view of how the game will be and what the gameplay will be like. In Homefront: The Revolution, players will be set in the year 2029 and will have to fight as a resistance force in occupied Philadelphia. The game will task players to strike specific locations in the war-torn murky streets to wrestle back control.

Looking over to EuroGamer who happen to test the game out at Gamescom, notes some interesting stuff about the engine and environment of Homefront: The Revolution

“Destroyed beauty isn’t exactly a concept new to games, but it’s rarely been as beautiful as this: CryEngine helps infuse the city with beaten down life and light as the day/night cycle works through its rotations, puddles forming in the cracked concrete streets as weather fronts move in. The high concept, the development team says, is an open world Half Life 2, and in the squalor of Homefront: The Revolution’s Philadelphia you can see so much of City 17.”

Bringing that cat and mouse battle in the game, players will have a choice of actually engaging into combat or avoiding it all together. Folks will also have options throughout shoot-outs in the game to alter the outcome of certain scenarios, this can be done through opting parts in/out on your gun during or before an encounter.

“The gun’s components can be easily swapped out, allowing you to go from a straight assault rifle to a DIY deathstick that spits out incendiary rounds. Complementing that is your Guerrilla Tool Kit – or GTK, as it’s referred to – which gives you ready access IEDs, hacking devices that can turn an APC against its own troops and firecrackers that will help distract a patrol. There are options within those options, even – those IEDs can be placed on a wall and detonated remotely, simply lobbed in the desired direction or, for those with a little more class, placed on a remote control car and driven into the fray.”

With that all said I think it’s time to show the latest trailer, courtesy of XboxDe YouTube channel.

Official Homefront: The Revolution ‘Thank You’ Trailer

Homefront: The Revolution is an open-world FPS where you must lead the Resistance and wage guerrilla warfare against a superior military force

Still want more? Below is a nice two minute-and-half long gameplay footage by XCageGame showing some of the latest features in Homefront.

Homefront The Revolution – Gameplay Walkthorugh – Gamescom 2015 [ HD ]

Homefront The Revolution – Gameplay Walkthorugh – Gamescom 2015 [ HD ]

This game is slated to land sometime in 2016, and will arrive for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In addition, the game’s multiplayer beta will be available to players this Winter. Expect more Homefront info to drop throughout this week, and if you want more you can hit up their official site for the latest scoop on the game.

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