Guild Wars 2 Core Game Is Now Available For Free

Gamers who originally held off on purchasing Guild Wars 2 can now enjoy the game absolutely free. This news was announced when ArenaNet took the stage at PAX to make an announcement that the base game of Guild Wars 2 is now available to download for free.

Those that just paid for the game are mad about this move, which makes sense, however a lot of folks that haven’t played Guild Wars 2 will now be able to enjoy the base game without having to pay anything for it.

I’ve never played Guild Wars, but from what I hear players seem to like it, so I’m assuming this initiative of giving the base game away for free might pull in more players, while shedding-off long-time players that paid for the game.

According to VG 24/7, the developers said that they didn’t want to make anything even more complex with different payment methods and versions, and instead opted to make the core game free of charge, allowing anyone to snag the game. ArenaNet president Mike O’brien further explained this to publication site PC Gamer

“We’re making the base game free because we’re confident that anyone who loves Guild Wars 2 will consider buying Heart of Thorns, continuing their experience into the expansion and beyond with Living World and our newly announced raids.”

Although the main concept is to get players to download the game for free so that they can purchase the Heart of Thorns expansion to continue onward, many folks don’t have to get the expansion but could test and see how Guild Wars 2 suits them, and from there, players could either keep playing, stop, or buy Heart of Thorns to continue. This move brings newer players the option to save some bucks when playing.

To promote the free version of the game, the devs released a trailer on their Guild Wars 2 YouTube channel as seen below.

Play Guild Wars 2 For Free

You can now play Guild Wars 2 core game for free! To learn more, please visit: Subscribe to the Guild Wars 2 channel on YouTube for weekly developer videos, release videos and more! Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Tumblr:

Although newcomers to the game who got it for free will have some restrictions, they seem to really enjoy this move. On the other hand, a lot of long-time players feel like it was a slap to the face, especially the ones who payed full price for the special edition. Many of the long-timers say that the devs should make it up to them some kind of way for paying for it just for the game to go free.

Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, if this game seems interesting to you, or if you want the latest expansion — Heart of Thorns — you can head on over to Guild Wars 2 main site.

Author: Ethan


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