First Wonder Is The Spiritual Successor To Giants: Citizen Kabuto

Asymmetrical multiplayer is no easy task for a development studio to pull off. The key to doing asymmetrical multiplayer resides in balancing, balancing and even more balancing. The idea is that the player who is all by his or her lonesome, left to cause destruction and mayhem, must have a decent set of tools to work with that makes it both fun and challenging for the other players. Well, Rogue Rocket Games is attempting to try their hand at the same kind of asymmetrical multiplayer concept that Turtle Rock Studios put out with Evolve, only they’re going to be crowd-funding their venture and it’s going to be a spiritual successor to Giants: Citizen Kabuto.

Rogue Rocket Games’ title is called First Wonder, and they’ll be unleashing a prototype demo for gamers to play at PAX Prime, demonstrating the four-player competitive nature of the game where a group of ragtag workers living in a tropical paradise will attempt to capture Monstro, a giant monster looking to go Godzilla on their peaceful village. You can check out the prototype gameplay below.

First Wonder PAXPrime2015 Teaser Trailer

Rogue Rocket Games is bringing a playable First Wonder first look demo to PAXPrime 2015 this week in Seattle, WA. Take a look at what’s in store. Come on by the PAXRising area (Booth #4043) if you’re at PAX! Or, get involved today at Follow us @Rogue_Rocket

The core concept is that a handful of Cargonauts will be tasked with capturing the Monstro using a number of nifty tricks and traps, similar to Evolve. The objective of Monstro is to wreck havoc before getting caught.

Rogue Rocket Games co-founder Nick Bruty commented about First Wonder in the press release, stating…

“PAX Prime marks the first time anyone outside of our office will get hands-on time with First Wonder,”


“With First Wonder, we’re working on something truly special and, we think, unusually fun. We hope both fans attending, and editors covering, PAX will stop by our booth and play the game to get an advanced peek at what we’re looking to complete with our crowdfunding campaign early this fall.”

The crowd-funding could really help push the game over the top… or it could backfire and sink in under. There’s no guarantee these days that going the crowd-funding route will result in instant success. However, the gameplay video above looks genuinely fun and the verticality of the map design and tropical setting could really help set it apart from other games out there. Plus, plenty of attention will be paid to the game for the simple fact that it’s a spiritual successor to Giants: Citizen Kabuto.

After the game is demonstrated over the course of the August 31st weekend, it will work as a boost of momentum heading into the game’s crowd-funding campaign this fall. You can keep an eye out on more news for First Wonder by paying a visit to the official website.


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