Director Hajime Tabata Wants Flyable Air Ships In Final Fantasy XV

Airships were added to quite a few of the classic Final Fantasy games, and usually they were designed to get players from one point to another without having to tread long distances. They also helped players store items and equipment as well as letting them swap characters in or out. With that said, Final Fantasy director Hajime Tabata wants to add airships to Final Fantasy XV.

Looking at the material that was showcased during Gamescom gives us an idea of what Square Enix hopes to bring to the table. They’re aiming to retain a lot of the characteristics that made the franchise special back day, and they’re attempting to implement those characteristics in this newest installment of the series.

In addition to this, fans got to see the notorious and dangerous Malboro (not a pack of Marlboro cigarettes) make an appearance down in some hidden area, and it looks like if you don’t take cautious measures this thing will wreck havoc on your team, you can watch the video below courtesy of Asleep in the Fantasy YouTube channel.

Final Fantasy XV: Malboro

Malboro shown off during the Active Time Report at Gamescom 2015.

Speaking of bringing back some of the original content and features, Final Fantasy director Hajime Tabata was asked some questions during Gamescom, and ended up on the subject of refining and bringing flyable airships to XV. Looking over to VG24/7 the site brings out that Tabata had mentioned…

“If the height that the airship can fly is limited, then it would technically be possible,” he said. “There is a good chance it will be in the game and at least fly at bird’s height. If it’s not in the base game, I want to have it released after the game launches as downloadable content.”

Although it’s not 100% official that airships will be controllable, we do know that Tabata really wants to implement player interaction with flying airship vehicles. So, for anybody that wants an airship just might get one when the game comes out or through DLC. However, fans also have a chance to get their hands on a nice playable demo, which VG24/7 reported that Tabata had said a city demo segment will come out “as soon as possible,” and from clips and images it looks like quite a bit of airships will be there.

The director noted that there will be no more delays for Final Fantasy XV, and told fans at the event that the popular RPG won’t be delayed to 2017. Gamerant reported that Tabata mentioned to fans that they should see it before 2017, around the mid-part of 2016.

Final Fantasy XV is slated to land for Playstation 4 and Xbox One, and is noted to come out sometime in 2016, and if you want more information on the game, the devs will be at PAX Prime later this month and will be at Tokyo Game Show in September, providing the latest info.


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  1. I am very confused by the statements made about this game the past week.

    How early in development is this thing ? they are still talking about features and basic design, wtf

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