Destructoid Bans Rape Jokes, Closes Down Forums; Chaos Ensues [Update]

[Update Aug 11th: Yanier “Niero” Gonzalez has sent out word that Destructoid’s forums have reopened as Outer Haven Forums.]

[Original article:] Destructoid has been in the news off and on throughout the past year and not always for the most flattering of reasons. Even still, when there’s smoke there’s sometimes fire and where there’s fire there’s something there that caused it. In this latest chaotic kerfuffle, part of Destructoid’s own community has fractured and rallied against the way the website is being run after the administration and moderation team of the forums were fired; the forums were closed down and new rules were set into motion following a “rape” joke.

Basically, the site is aiming to be more “open” and welcoming to newcomers who aren’t familiar with the old Destructoid culture. The site is described as having two separate yet distinctly unique communities: there’s the front page community who discusses and talks about the news and then there’s the forum community, a more close-knit group of individuals.

Destructoid owner and co-founder of Modern Method, Yanier “Niero” Gonzalez has been attempting to restructure the way the forums work; he wants to bridge the two Destructoid communities that are both active yet disparate. However, he felt that the forums had become toxic.

On July 21st, 2015 [backup] Niero made a post on the front page to basically say that the forums would be undergoing a major overhaul. This was met with a lot of resistance because the community felt as if Niero didn’t properly discuss this with the community since the post was made before discussing the changes with the mod and administration team. There were also complaints that the forum thread used for making suggestions on the site was completely ignored.

Throughout this time tensions arose and things began to tear apart within the community. One of the more active threads on the forum was the #GamerGate thread about media corruption, something that Niero felt was a distraction from actually talking about games.

A few days later after some back and forth with disgruntled Destructoid forum users, Niero decided to shut down the #GamerGate thread and the forums.

Additional archived conversations leading up to the closure of the thread can be found here and here.

According to Niero, the discussion of media controversies and #GamerGate can still be discussed on the CBlogs, but the forums are kaput. He stated the following in an e-mail exchange…

“Short term – People should definitely still post about what’s going on the media in our Community Blogs. They’re just like the forums but in a blog format. Actually, they’re better than the forums in that you don’t have to post 10 times until the moderators “approve” you. Since we have more staff watching out for spammers it’s a better experience for everybody.”


“This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to have a cohesive forums system to ditch Vbulletin. It’s just not the right solution for us. I’ve been trying to ditch them since 2009, when we tried an experimental Ruby-based forum switch that nobody liked either.”

Some of the Destructoid users agreed that the forums could be done better, others were angry that the community that they felt a part of was being ripped out from underneath them.

User Red Morgan stated in a Twitter exchange…

“Almost everyone is very emotional about it. Even when we fought, we were all family, you know? Most people are very angry with Niero.


“Unlike most forums, they were very active contributors to the site in some way. They organized game nights, posted blogs promoted to the FP. So, a lot of people feel used. They were actively trying to make dtoid a better place and provided content. Then called “trolls” and booted.”

According to Red Morgan, a lot of former Destructoid forum users have moved to a site called Digital Confederacy.

The main issue is that a lot of people feel as if their ability to discuss topics freely has been impinged upon. According to Niero, however, this was something that he wanted to do for a while and decided to clamp down on certain topics of discussion and certain word usage. What kind of words? “Rape”.

Before the forums shutdown and the mods were banned and the chaos ensued there was a lot of behind-the-scenes and out-in-the-open strife between staff and Niero.

A former administrator of the forums named Jim, who went by the handle OpiumHerz, explained how the narrative about the Destructoid forums being “toxic” came about, writing in an e-mail…

“[…] a newbie called Ronsoak complained to us because of the lax use of the word “rape”, including rape jokes that were ripped here and there (although never aimed at specifically a person). We actually had a pretty serious talk with most of the community chipping in regarding this topic and while not all of our regulars liked those jokes, the consensus was pretty much that they’re not a dominant thing and that we value each other’s freedom to rip them, because nobody was forced to do them. Ronsoak took severe offense in a tech support thread where someone called his desired PC configuration a “rape machine”.”


”This Ronsoak (who is, apparently a friend of Dtoid’s own Laura K) flipped out why we mods didn’t do anything. We didn’t do anything because no rule was broken and this instance wasn’t even aimed at him. We also told him that if this use already offends him THIS much he wouldn’t last in the forums generally, because we tended to have a rougher tone with each other at times.”

You can read the thread with Ronsoak and his complaints about the “rape jokes” right here.

OpiumHerz explained how most people in the forums were friends and that being overly sensitive would make things difficult for everyone, since sometimes people in the forums were known for being “dicks”. People poked a bit of fun at Ronsoak and according to OpiumHerz this was used as an example by Niero to state that the forums had become unwelcoming. In a leaked e-mail exchange Niero stated…

“I don’t know what’s up with the hazing culture or that rape joke that isn’t but is a rape joke actually because it says “rape”.


“I need to make myself clear: that shit ends today. Like, right now. I’m here because I really [enjoy running] inclusive websites for all kinds of people. I am not tolerating even 5 more minutes of that.


“I get that forums are a place where people go to vent and shit sometimes, but I do not need that from our own mods.”

This eventually resulted in one of the users, Firion, getting into a spat with Niero, which resulted in Niero claiming he was a “racist”. Archives of the conversation were made as many users felt that Niero attacking Firion (who was defending Nihil over the rape joke incident) was uncalled for. In the end, though, Nihil was banned from the site along with the rest of the moderators. Nihil did a two page blog post explaining why he was leaving and how the management of the forums was creating strife.

Nihil left Destructoid on bad terms.

During this time, administrator OpiumHerz decided to poke fun at Niero by changing his avatar to the following image before being banned.

According to OpiumHerz…

“At that point the regular mod team had quit altogether. All four of us. There were four other people who still had mod rights.”


“I heard back from three of those four people because I asked them about this. They all confirmed that NONE of them were for my ban. The “hardest” was a ban for “a few days” (quoted) if Niero would fear a retaliation by me for removing the avatar. None of them were in favor for a one year “temp ban”. Given that the first ban message talked about “three strikes”, and then suddenly was changed when I called bullshit because I never got any strikes to begin with (which Niero’s replies confirm), and the forum mods confirmed that they were against a ban, I suspect Niero power tripping because the pic got under his skin.”

It is true that in an e-mail exchange the “three strikes” was not used, as confirmed by Niero.

Nevertheless, the terms of service for the Destructoid forums were changed from the one that former Destructoid executive Hamza Aziz put into place to a new one that was more about enforcing what kind of content would be allowed on Destructoid. The new terms of service is quite clear about what’s prohibited.

The community had a stiff backlash against Niero in the forums, as some claimed he was “power tripping” and that he was letting culture critic “Anita” influence the direction of the site.

In the thread about #GamerGate that was eventually closed down, Niero tried to explain that he was doing this to safeguard himself from any potential legal repercussions from dangerous security breaches or privacy violations. He also states that these changes are done to make Destructoid less “exclusive” and “hostile”…

“I’m not going to dignify any further conversation about why this forum is so unpopular, exclusive, hostile, and out of control. The only thing supporters seem to want to do is remind me that I didn’t take this stand years ago. I should have done this years ago. I’m sorry.


“If I can’t get this forum moving towards a positive direction I’ll just shut it down. At least I tried instead of allowing the same antisocial behaviors to go on here and not giving it a chance.”

However, not everyone agrees that this fallout was the result of a “rape joke” or the community being exclusionary. OpiumHerz states that transparency and communication could have saved all of this from transpiring…

“I talked, naturally, about this quite a lot with other ex-community members and my impression is none, literally none of this, would have happened when Niero just sat down with us first, talked about what his goals are, why he is pursuing them and then asking the community how to go about it. While this thing started community members were still brainstorming and pitching ideas to make the forums more visible to get more exposure and traffic in.”

Red Morgan, a long time user of the Destructoid forums, felt as if things could have been remedied if the situation wasn’t handled so harshly, and that it didn’t help that there was such a wide disconnect between the forums and the front page. According to Morgan, improvements could have been made by at least addressing some of the concerns in the “Community Discourse Thread”…

“One of the first threads Niero closed was the “Community Discourse Thread.” The purpose was to provide feedback on the direction of Dtoid.


“Staff very, very rarely descended into that thread, so people felt that their feedback was widely ignored. A lot of it was just bitching, but there were sincere efforts to improve the forums, blogs and other Dtoid related content. So, when Niero descended into the forums and in his words “like a wrecking ball” people felt like an outsider was ignoring their culture.”

Some users complained about other issues that weren’t addressed sooner, including the porn redirects from malware in the forums, as well as staff rarely interacting with the community in the forums. Niero did acknowledge that the porn redirect from malware was in result of being “hands off” with the forums for so long.

However, Niero still has plans for the forums and states that things will continue to move forward for Destructoid…

“I really think we need this piece of the site done right, so I’m going to try again with a different coding team.


“As you know we are trying to do a magazine and my co-founder wrote a very promising new image search engine called that already has 1.7 [million] monthly users. It turns any search query into a permanent photo gallery that’s editable. It’s in alpha right now as we’re trying to get people to stop using it for porn. Ah, the internet.”


“We just have to devote our time to the stuff that most people are actively enjoying. The independent publishing hustle doesn’t pay a whole lot so I have to choose my battles to keep the party going.”

Some users have already migrated elsewhere, others are hoping for the best and a few more are waiting for the new changes to go into effect.

Times are definitely changing in the world of internet culture and community driven websites. Whether or not the old guard will be able to adapt to the new changes, or continue to hoist up platforms for all sorts of free speech (within reasonable limitations) seems like a challenge few people would want to endure.

Even still, Destructoid is dealing with a purge of community members who express discontent over a situation that they felt was unnecessarily explosive and was handled poorly.


OAG staff consists of writers creating content about video game and digital culture.

124 thoughts on “Destructoid Bans Rape Jokes, Closes Down Forums; Chaos Ensues [Update]

  1. It’s hilarious watching site owner getting into slap fights with their users and mods. That’s a great business practice. Keep doing it.

    1. I visit both and thought it was nice to see the CEO talking in the forums and letting people know, even if very little, what and why things are going down. Most places just do without any input.

      1. Lets just say I am not a fan. I did write up a large rant at one of his many his foolish comments, but other than that, I decided its better for me to just ignore him.

        That being said, I miss your snarky comments on Dtoid, sir!

      2. I am sure a lot do,but I am just one of many guys that were either banned there or left because the direction of destructoid changed.

        A few days ago I saw one guy there writing that he thinks Destructoid became a Kotaku.2.0 and honestly, is that a wild and unfair comparison when they have articles like those from Holmes and Whitaker there almost every week?

        The guy (Jed) is dtoids Patricia Hernandez.

      3. I dont think its an unfair statement at all. There’s currently only one reason why I continue reading the site. Once that person is gone, and I’m pretty sure it wont take too long now, I’ll just drop it entirely.

      4. Yeah, I left back when I saw them censoring all discussion and rudely cussing at commenters. Nice to see you again.

        Never heard of that Jed guy, and gratefully so. His avatar thumbnail looks like his brain exploded and is leaking down the sides of his head.

      5. Started my own little gaming site short before the ban and build up a nice little place at but its really really small.

        Jed is like a good definition of a game journalist for me. Always about the clicks and being offended.

      6. Nice, I remember your comments in DT back then, though never really got into commenting myself.

        Will give it a try at your website, bookmarked!

      7. That’s funny, in a comment I left on the last Jed article i could stomach, I said that “not even Sunday Holmes at his worst was this bad.”

      8. What’s funny is that game wasn’t even about killing women. The game was about armed female social justice warriors, they had guns in the game, that were attacking regular people. The player character had to defend themselves against the SJWs trying to kill the player.

        But of course Jed doesn’t say that in his article.

      9. He won’t fucking shut up about his sexuality or having a beard. He inserts himself into articles to a nauseatingly obnoxious degree…

    1. Why does it not surprise me that Jed likes to play high and mighty on the front page but in the backroom likes to do shit he would condemn.

      Every article I’ve seen him write lately has been horrible. Some of them were badly sourced or outright wrong.

  2. I’m really curious to as why there was a long-ass GamerGate thread on Destructoid forums.

    From what I can tell, most people on that thread were pro-GG, despite the fact that Destructoid is on the boycott list; and is one of the worst offenders in terms of ethical violations.

    We shouldn’t have been giving them clicks.

    1. The forums have always felt divided from the front page of the site so it’s most likely that they simply visited the forums section and that’s it.

      1. This. Though some of us saw this coming a long while ago, hence why we started Digital Confederacy as this outcome was inevitable.

      2. I’ll check it out. I used to read Dtoid for years before I even registered an account there. I saw the Pinsoff drama and all that happen live. Funnily enough, it did not take that long after I registered, for the site to change into something I did not like.

      3. Agreed. That’s why I quit Dtoid back in 2010 because of the changes that were going on there. Lots of fucked up shit happened around 2009-10 and the site just turned to shit from that point basically.

      4. Man speaks the truth. I quit in 2010 because the shit that started the fire that is GG, was happening back then and I wanted no part of it. Not even for the shit paycheck I was getting lol.

      5. I honestly had no idea that shit was going down way back in 2010. I had just starting visiting Dtoid in 2009. I left a few years ago because all the original writers were being replaced by hacks, and the whole Pinsof debacle..

      6. Around 2009 when Workman left there was a big culture change and a lot of people dipped out because of various reasons. I ended up leaving in 2010-ish because one of the editors on Tomopop cut a section of something I was writing because I disclosed that I got free samples and, in their words, “it might make us look bad…” so he edited my piece against my wishes and I dipped out shortly after. Things had been brewing for a while but that was the last straw for me personally cuz my integrity is worth more to me than free shit.

      7. Equating disclosure with “women-hating terrorism” does have a tendency to make honest people look bad.

      8. Doesn’t need to be “SJW-free”, as long as SJWs have no more power then anyone else they can’t do shit because their tactics are all based on being above the rules.

      9. Yes. tho everyone is welcome, no SJWs are present and they probably wouldn’t last long because there’s no hand holding.

      10. If it isn’t a “safe space”, I’m game. I’ll keep an eye on it, good luck with the community!

    2. People on that thread on the forums were kinda evenly split on the issue. Possibly slightly more pro-GG than anti but it was all civil.

    3. “I’m really curious to as why there was a long-ass GamerGate thread on Destructoid forums.” – because it was a topic our users wanted to talk about and we didn’t want to deny them that. Really that simple.

      1. I’m the guy Usher interviewed up there (not Red Morgan). I was one of four mods/admins for the forums (we all had admin rights because the mod rights were too limited to properly work with them).

  3. A disqus account from me was banned there today after I wrote the comment “So its like Destructoid” in their article about shut down gaming worlds in a MMORPG today.

    Yanier Gonzales seems to be mad lately, he completely alienated a good part of the community he build up.

      1. thats the standard “content from web” embedded thing. it deals in nothing but clickbait. its surprisingly common.

      1. Well, I had two disqus accounts, one made on dtoid a good while ago and this one which is a global disqus account or something. This one got banned while the other dtoid disqus account was not until today

    1. I remember you posting funny and interesting shit there about a year ago. Then I grew tired of the site’s changes and shit.
      When did they push you away?

      1. I see. I used to use another account before disquis and then I made this one to fit with disquis and other sites but rarely posted under this one at Dtoid.
        I didn’t know you had 2 accounts as well.

      1. I got banned for posting an image I found in a forum and they found it was totally sexist but Chris Carter there was also angry at me for making jokes about Nintendo and his flood of Amiibo articles.

      2. That’s very interesting to know, I thought Chris Carter was kind of like the only good soul there in their staff. Birds of a feather really do flock together…

      1. It was an effort of the two of them, but the truth is that Ron was the one who did ALL the work. He created the community and made it into what it was. Destructoid would have been a blip on the fucking radar and a flash in the pan if not for the work Ron put into making that place a fucking juggernaut at its peak.

        Yanier was rarely involved in making Destructoid the force it once was, he was a shy behind the scenes guy, whereas Ron was always putting events together and getting people involved and getting them together. He was constantly putting together NARPS and give aways that got people to hang out and meet each other. He was the heart and soul of that site.

        He was the site cheerleader and the guy that made things happen, Niero was just some dude as far as most people were concerned, and he really didn’t do anything as far as the community was concerned for the site.

      2. Theres one other guy that wrote the code for the site (Elephant I think it was called) whose name I dont recall right off hand. Money and greed is what happened basically, that’s the long and short of it. Someone thought more of money than friendship and things fell apart.

      3. Yep. I told em at DC that Niero was always the merchant, Ron created the actual community, hence why it’s so foreign to him.

      4. Yeah yall, Tubby was there from nearly the start of things as well so he saw all this shit go down. I had 1 advantage of being on the inside and privy to what was going on behind the scenes but hes totally right about Niero, no doubts there.

      1. Multiple reasons, mainly stress I had with staff members when I complained about articles or themass of articles to a specific game like Destiny as example that got over 450 articles there or the flood of Amiibo related articles.

        Chris Carter got really angry and when I posted a political incorrect photo and made a snarky comment about it being deleted I got banned.

      2. It was this over ten year old image. Back when SJW’s, the Culture to be offended easily and people like Sarkeesian were not a thing yet.

        Oh and don’t you ever say something about the bible there like that you think its a fantasy novel if someone asked you if you ever read it.

      3. It was not only that image though. Chris was angry at me multiple times, one time because a good reasons, two times where he also warned me about a ban and I warned him in return that I leave destructoid when I wrote nothing but “Amiibotid” in a week where he wrote like 10 Amiibo articles. Another time the guy got mad at something that was not even intended to be against Nintendo but he saw it different than other commenters who were also surprised by his reaction.

        I had beefs with a couple of other dtoid staff members as well, its a pretty long story. I was, and still am (after being banned since three months) their most active commenter, really cared about the site but complained about stuff I did not like their giant amount of Destiny articles (over 450)

      4. I was, and still am (after being banned since three months) their most active commenter, really cared about the site but complained about stuff I did not like their giant amount of Destiny articles (over 450)

        I hate that about most major game sites. Like, I get it, Destiny, CoD, ZombieMustardDLCwhatever is popular and you want to milk the hits, but for crying out loud there’s like a thousand other games out there that NEED coverage and aren’t getting it.

        It was one of the reasons I retreated here: I just wanted to cover games that other sites won’t cover. Who cares if only a hundred or so people read about a game like Ink or Dandy or whatever? The few Destiny, CoD, ZombieKetchupPre-OrderDLCwhatever makes up for it anyway.

        I think the biggest problem is that a lot of people in charge of these sites aren’t gamers or don’t really care about games so they only chase after hits, and if mustard and ketchup bring the hits, they’ll milk them for all they’re worth, even to the detriment of building a diverse audience by simply paying lip-service to more than just the flavor of the month.

      5. They are clearly commercial decisions and these days you see it on almost all big gaming sites that they publish what brings the most clicks, its rarely about own beliefs. There are a couple of new sites now with barely any ads, they are made by people that don’t care about the possible money but they are super small sites usually and don’t reach many people.

        I call these websites the indies of the gamesmedia-industry.

      6. “[…]and if mustard and ketchup bring the hits, they’ll milk them for all they’re worth” hahahaha so fucking true.

        Your blog is my main gaming news sites in my bookmarks for this reason, you always have news about interesting games that should get more attention. That and the ethical breaches, of course.

      7. Honestly, l never thought you would get banned. You were a fun active member of the Dtoid community.

        Sounds like Dtoid has become another thought-police gaming site.

      8. “Thought police sounds alright”. Sadly.

        Also cool to see your positive thoughts and those of others about me. Feels good to know that I was not disliked by everyone there.

    2. I always liked seeing your comments on Dtoid, Hoffman. I actually just had my first removed comment from Dtoid the other day, after 7+ years of active loyalty. All because I jokingly included the phrase “No homo” at the end of a comment about hanging out with Sam Lake.

      1. See, I got comments deleted, was not able to upvote others, and got some of the most naive and dense reply comments ever from that cat-beard-guy who was and is a well liked mod there.

        The most of the cool guys moved to other sites and communities, have a look and maybe join as well that place is now pretty full with people that don’t care about being political incorrect sometimes, and on the frontpage you don’t see fucking destiny and amiibo articles every week.

        Dtoid is lost to the SJW’s.

  4. Once they’ve given into SJW rhetoric and making a place “inclusive” at the expensive of others, they’re pretty much doomed.

    1. What is it about those places that make you want to invoke Inigo Montoya so much, anyway? Because “inclusive” does not mean what I think SJWs and their sympathizers think it means.

  5. “Destructoid culture” hahahaha, give me a fucking break!

    Any ‘culture’ that was created at that site, was created by THE community and it died in 2009 when money became the main motivator of the site owners and by their own greed they divided the site, and the 1 person who was responsible for the site becoming what it was, got forced out in favor of a fat fucking payout. Goddamned sellout motherfuckers…


  6. Sacrificing existing users for new ones you are never guaranteed to obtain is always a stupid idea. It’s part of what killed City of Heroes. NCSoft sent down orders from above to fuck with the forums which were a really close knit community, there were people who weren’t even playing the game but were subscribed so they could use the forum.

    Then the game ended up going free to play a couple years later and now it’s dead.

    1. It’s a bizarre cycle i’ve noticed repeat again and again all over. New place starts up. Builds up a tight knit community that usually are on the rougher side because they came from some other site that wouldn’t tolerate it anymore.
      This community helps build up the size of the site and helps it grown during its early years. Site starts to get really popular.
      Then eventually somewhere down the line the site gets big enough they think they need to be more inclusive and safe and start pushing back against the people who grew it. They call them embaressing or toxic and kick them out to invite in a group they feel self assured will flock to the site once it is cleaned up.
      It doesn’t really happen. They kicked themselves in the knees and it’s too late to get people back.

      meanwhile everyone they drove off have bolstered a new site up.. and the cycle repeats.

      1. Might be a flawed comparison but it reminds me at music bands that are not very successful but gain a growing circle of followers and are celebrated as a cult-band and than they sign a big dollar contract, have to create music that is more for the mass-market and the earlier fans turn on them because they don’t create music in their earlier style anymore.

      2. It reminds me of how gaming used to be for a small group of people who liked a good challenge, and now it’s turned into this back-patting pseudo motion picture thing that anybody can complete if they throw money or time.

        Or how Resident Evil used to be for people who liked a good survival horror game, and then tried to turn itself into Call of Duty. The list goes on.

        Probably has something to do with capitalism. People inevitably become unsatisfied with unique specialization and decide to branch out, generalizing into generic cesspools of pointless boring rubbish. Because that’s where the money is~

      3. You are completely correct. Dtoid started chasing ad dollars and “cleaned up” their act to make them more market friendly, basically becoming the industry concubines they had railed against up until about 2008-10 when they completely sold out and turned into lap dogs for ad dollars.

      4. It’s how history goes:

        Step 1. The establishment is rotten & stagnant so dissidents start a competitor and begin building it up.
        Step 2. The competitor grows to the point it becomes a threat to the collapsing establishment which tries and fails to stop it.
        Step 3. The competitor becomes the new establishment and is much better.
        Step 4. The new establishment starts to develop the same problems as the old establishment.
        Step 5. Go to Step 1.

        It’s how everything goes, from politics, to culture, to economics, and so on.

      5. A little similar to how business services operate by screwing current customers to offer incentives for future hypothetical customers, except websites and MMOs are reliant on the passion of strong communities to keep afloat. Time and time again we see these communities obliterated to present a cleaner image despite how many of the staff have engaged in the very same behaviour they’re purging.

        Even if this ever actually worked (rather than make the site a forgotten footnote in a few short years), it’s still a hell of a way to treat the people who got them as far as they did.

  7. This is orchestrated people!!! SJW’s been talking about eliminating all comments sections form the internet. Also Facebook and Google no longer presents the same comments and searches to everyone. (Just what they think is relevant for you). They changed Wikipedias articles to a vision of theor own. And Lastly, Feminists sent a letter to the E.U. to ban all the sites from the internet who dont follow the SJW rhetoric.

    Wake up people!!! We are living in a culture war! GamerGate is their first real battle.

    1. I don’t think it’s just the SJWs. It’s also in the interest of people in power to prevent valid discussion. Makes it that much easier to push narratives. For exmaple, if you look at news sites of certain countries (*cough*Australia*cough*) they have never allowed comments.

  8. I am/was one of the main contributors to the forum over the last year. It was pretty ridiculous. There was something like 1 rape joke in a few months. We all discussed whether they were ok or not in the main forum thread and most people were generally fine with them.
    All that happened here is the owner was waiting for any reason to shut down a group of people he disagreed with.

  9. “No tolerance for the intolerance”

    So… What should we do with the intolerance? Censor them, they’re not welcome here.
    Wait, Who’s the intolerance again?

  10. Someone call up a radio station and request “What Kind of Fool” from the Album “Guilty” dedicated to Yanier.

  11. Story of how half the forums I used to frequent eventually went to shit, the front page or site runner shows no interest in the fucking thing but a community forms and functions anyway. Then one day they decide the boards aren’t in line with the site’s “mission” and they get strangled.

    It’s why I’ve sworn off trying to hang out anywhere with a really strong mod presence or much of any rules, neo nazis and shitposters are a small price to pay for not getting fucked with.

  12. Hold on a second. Let me try to get this right.

    A community has a lot of things that they’re capable of, but for now, let’s stick to their spreading capabilities. Normally people don’t stick to one place for all time, they tend to go about place to place, and a community member will go about spreading things from where they commune at quite often. These kinds of people help share articles and conversations about their community and the place they come from. It helps spread awareness around. So even if it’s a small community, that’s going to be a lot of eyes.

    A single person spreading info can get eyes thrown towards them by dozens of people. Communities tend to help things like this, and that’s just one part of their usefulness towards a place. People from here, this site, are already sharing this article about Destructoid all over, from 8chan to KiA, and I wouldn’t doubt you’ll find it popping up many other places. Communities help drive a lot of eyes to sites like this or Destructoid. I’m curious how many eyes got on this page just from sharing the article like people of this community did. I am certainly one of those people.

    And yet, Niero from Destructoid went ahead and nuked his community…

  13. In the early days of Internet forums we had a lot less of power-hungry idiots running as admins and moderators. But since the tools were made easier to use and making a forum today is just one click away, we have people who learned nothing useful other than how to police people on what is acceptable fighting over those position.

    Like being a Forum Administrator is something to be proud of today. It’s ridiculous. That guy even said he has to meet a “coding team” to make something new. Please. Other than pushing an agenda that guy has no qualification for the job.

  14. As someone who moderated/admined a few big forums that are no longer there with over 50K users I feel sad because i know how attached you can get to what feels like your community.

    Now we reigned in our forums a little tighter then old destructoid because we had close ties to Microsoft and the owner was a big part of the XCDP. i won’t go into details because he is still a friend of mine and has been dealing heavily with some family issues.

    But any changes made that affect the community on a forum should be done carefully, you don’t know what attracted people to your community in the first place…

  15. More shit with niero and a ‘friend’ of laura k is involved. Colour me surprised. She likes stirring shit and it would appear her friends do too. As for niero, well he likes firing people, nothing new there. Just another one of the shut down any conversation I don’t agree with crowd. Bye Destructoid. Lol

  16. While many of us over at TechRaptor do love the movie Starship Troopers, our community policy will never be: ‘You’re it, until you’re dead or I find someone better.’

  17. As always its one stupid asshole whining perpetually that sets off a shit storm.

    D-toid was my home since 2006, up until 2012 after a certain miss Sarkessian was interviewed and the soul of the sight seems to have gone with her.

    More open, please, he wants to make a safe space for SJW’s since that is what brings in the hits now thanks to that dickhead Jeb.

    Christ it makes me sad to see this shit, I used to love that place.

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