Dark Storm Combines The Futurism Of Deus Ex With The Stealth Of Metal Gear

Stealth-oriented action titles rarely seem to get released these days. It’s a sub-genre of games that requires a lot of finesse and polish to come off as believable and entertaining. Well, Fenrir Studios is a group of developers who are attempting to tackle the stealth-action sub-genre with their title Dark Storm, which happens to be inspired by the futuristic cyber-noir settings of Deus Ex and the espionage atmosphere of Metal Gear.

The combination of those two games seem to remind me a lot of the Perfect Dark series. Although based on reading through the story and character profiles for Dark Storm it seems to be a lot less goofy than Rare’s Perfect Dark.

You can check out the Kickstarter pitch video for the game below.

There’s also an Unreal Development Kit build of the game showing some of the levels and how the team is targeting the design for the final game. You can check out the demonstration fly-through video below.

Since the Unreal Engine 4 is now free the game no longer needs to run on the UDK, but in result of this they’ve had to rebuild all the assets for the game.

They have a demo showing gamers what they worked on when Dark Storm was still running on UDK and you can check out the VR mission demo below that shows off the gameplay and arenas.

Dark Storm VR Prototype Official Trailer

Dark Storm VR Prototype Official Kickstarter Trailer . Support us =D

The story itself revolves around a disgraced soldier named Amber Kingsley. During a turbulent future where groups are vying for technocratic control of society, Amber decides to invade Russian-controlled territory to free her captured friend. Amber will have a little help along the way from a few allies.

The game will be stealth-oriented so players will have to use the environment to their advantage as well as weapons and presumably gadgets to help subdue, distract or thwart enemy forces.

Dark Storm

We could always use another Perfect Dark or No One Lives Forever style game so it’s all good. I also like the whole Metal Gear and Syphon Filter vibe that the game gives off with the level designs. Very nice.

If you like what Fenrir Studios is doing with Dark Storm and you feel like it’s a game that could be brought to life in a righteous way, feel free to learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official Kickstarter page. The developers are currently seeking $50,000 for the title and they have just under a month to go to hit their goal.


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