Beyond Eyes Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

Beyond Eyes for the Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 is out and available right now for gamers to pick up from their nearest digital distributor. The game is a short narrative adventure that falls into the walking simulator category, but for gamers who find themselves getting stuck there are complete gameplay walkthroughs guides available.

The walkthrough basically help give gamers heads-up on where to go and how to get there with ease. What’s more is that they reveal what you need to do to unlock certain achievements. You can check out the first walkthrough below from the YouTube channel the UK Gaming Network.

Beyond Eyes [Xbox One] All Achievements Walkthrough

Release date: 4 August 2015 Developer: Tiger & Squid Here’s where you can find each Achievement: [10:10] Courage [13:31] Persistence [26:44] Lonely [30:15] Bravery [38:19] Adventure [39:33] Thoughtful [54:23] Attraction (This Achievement glitched on the first run, so you can see it again, starting at [1:09:27]) Imagination Locations Chapter 2

The walkthrough clocks in at an hour and 16 minutes. The video not only covers where to go but also how to unlock each achievement for the Xbox One version of the game to get 100% achievement completion.

The game is played in an exploratory fashion and it’s very similar to Giant Sparrow’s The Unfinished Swan for the PS3, which was a beautiful, beautiful game by the way. However, Beyond Eyes is more of a walking simulator than focusing on actual gameplay or problem solving. The only “problem” to solve is the navigation through the segments as little Rae searches for the missing cat Nami.

You could say that Beyond Eyes is a narrative walking simulator.

An alternative playthrough offers a more cinematic approach to the game without the toolbar and snap window in view. You can see the game from start to finish courtesy of Mr. Kravin. The video clocks in at an hour and 19 minutes. Check it out below.

Beyond Eyes – Full Game Playthrough – 1080p Gameplay / Walkthrough

Beyond Eyes is a bout a girl named Rae that loses her eyesight in a freak firework accident. Now she has to explore the world using sound and smell to find her friend Nani.

Unfortunately there aren’t many more hints or tips to give. The game relies very heavily on following the clues on-screen indicated by the sense of “smell” and “sound”. So if you find yourself stuck anywhere or looking to unlock a trophy or achievement in Beyond Eyes just skip to the part in the video where you are in the game and see if they can offer you any direction on where you might be stuck. It’s interesting that games like this make textual walkthroughs a little difficult to construct.

Nevertheless, a lot of people are intrigued and enamored with the game’s visual aesthetic and bright color palette. You can pick up a digital copy right now of Tiger and Squid’s Beyond Eyes for the PS4, Xbox One or PC. If you need to learn more about the game feel free to visit the official website.


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