Below PAX Video Contains 9 Minutes Of Gameplay

You can grab a look at nine full minutes of gameplay for Capybara Games’ Below, the upcoming rogue-like for PC and Xbox One. The game was one of the indie titles showcased early in the promotional campaign for the Xbox One but it hasn’t been seen much since then… until now.

During the PAX Prime convention in Seattle, Washington, Capybara Games unleashed close to 10 full minutes of gameplay, captured courtesy of Gamespot. You can see how some of the combat plays out, as well as a little bit of the exploration and item management system. Check it out below.

9 Minutes of Below Gameplay – PAX Prime 2015

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Players can kill enemies within the area, gather up some supplies and use those supplies to craft items, replenish health potions or stock up on materials. There aren’t a whole lot of other gameplay mechanics on display but majority of the video is to give gamers a sense of the atmosphere and the environments that you’ll be traversing through.

There’s a strong hint of A Link To The Past in the game, with an isometric view, obvious health indicators and a similar combat system. Obviously, the game is darker and more foreboding compared to Nintendo’s classic, but the similarities are definitely there.

It’s very interesting because despite Below being another Legend of Zelda type of game just like Necropolis, both games are very different from one another. Harebrained Schemes’ title is more fast-paced and desperate where-as Capybara Games’ title is more calculating and thoughtful. It’s nice to see that there are more adventure games on the way and that they’re taking such disparate approaches to their design and playability, despite the art-styles being dark and brooding.

You can learn more about Capybara Games’ Below, which is due out for Xbox One and PC, by paying a visit to the official website.


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