Afterlife Empire Launches On Steam With Mixed Reactions

Autobotika and The Fine Young Capitalists’ crowd-funded project Afterlife Empire has officially launched on Steam. The game was the brainchild of up-and-coming developer Danielle Maiorino and it was crowd-funded mostly by the denizens of #GamerGate, 4chan, Facepunch Studios and Reddit.

The launch of Afterlife Empire comes with a lot of fanfare and some high expectations. The game was a way to show that gamers wanted to bring more female developers into the industry. They helped fund and promote the IndieGoGo that The Fine Young Capitalists promoted largely because The Fine Young Capitalists had become blackballed by the traditional gaming press.

Well, after #GamerGate worked directly with the company and developers to help get the word out there that Afterlife Empire is a strategy game worth checking out, the game eventually managed to get Greenlit for Steam and now it’s officially launched on the service… but not with the best of receptions.

There are people who are praising the game for being very much what they expected for a game made on a $70,000 budget and only costing $4.99 on Steam. However, there are others who aren’t too fond of the title. The game currently has a mixed rating on Steam at the moment, but with some updates and tweaks it might be able to sway some of the naysayers.

Steam user ConradToyama wrote in his review…

“Fun little sandbox to play in. It has a bit of a mobile feel to it, but seems to work very well with no notable bugs. Didn’t notice any graphical issues, and the display scales well just by dragging the window to be larger.”

Adebisi was just pleased that it’s a simple, cheap game that helps raise funds for charity and bring in more female developers into the gaming industry…

“For five bucks it’s not bad. Proceeds going to charity and helping female game developers.”

Lentium cut straight through the custard, talking an honest game of expectations and price-to-content ratios, flatly stating…

“Not bad. The drama surrounding its development aside, five bucks is a great price for what you get.


“It looks pretty good, a few technical hiccups, but nothing major so far.”

Not everyone felt that the “few technical hiccups” were “nothing major”. In fact, there are a few reviews that make it their goal to point out how the problems prohibited them from having fun in the game.

Radixius writes…

“Game crashed on me after three rounds.


“There are typographical errors, no mouseover effects on menu items, camera moves too quickly in windowed mode, no autosave that I can tell after you successfully complete a night, and unclear tooltips in the prop menu.”

A few other people also complained about the mouse-scrolling being slow, and the tooltips being unclear – a few crashes for one fellow saw him requesting a refund.

Steam user Stork wrote with uncompromising resolve, stating bluntly…

“I am not gonna refund yet because… I want to support the hashtag that supported you… BUT NO OPTIONS MENU?(I can’t even run it in fullscreen)


“Fix the game in the next 13 days or I will have to refund. I will change my review as soon the game will be fixed…”

If you’re curious how the game actually plays there are some Let’s Play videos available so you can get a sound gauge of what the game is like. One of them comes courtesy of the #GamerGate supported website TechRaptor. You can check out the Let’s Play video below.

Scouting Party: Afterlife Empire

This first impressions was done with a key from the developer. Can the spooky Simulator justify its small price tag, or are there too many horrors under it’s technical surface? Steam Store Page: Don’t forget to follow us on Social Media! Twitter: Facebook: Google+:

You can check out Afterlife Empire right now by heading on over to the Steam store page. The game is available right now at a 10% off discount for only $4.49 for the first week of being on sale.


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  1. I’m sure Polygon and Kotaku and GamaSutra and Rock Paper Shotgun and USGamer and Eurogamer and DLC podcast and all these other outlets are going to do plenty of coverage of this little indie darling, right?

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