Star Wars: Imperial Assault Scout Trooper Pack Released For Arma 3

The developers said they would do it and they delivered. Blue Harvest Interactive released the first mod pack for their Star Wars: Imperial Assault total conversion mod for Arma 3, and you can download it right now. The first pack contains a Scout Trooper player model, a blaster pistol with a detachable scope and a speeder bike.

The weapon and speeder bike are fairly universal, so that helps knock out some of the work moving forward. Of course, they’ll still need Rebel models, blaster rifles and eventually Storm Troopers to really ramp up the excitement levels in the general gaming community.

The design of the Scout Trooper, blaster pistol and speeder bike are superb. The designers did a fantastic job of making everything look as accurate as possible. You can catch a glimpse of the mod in action with the live-stream video below.

Star Wars Mod ARMA 3 : Imperial Assault | Live Stream #1 – Scout Pack

THIS MOD HAS NOW BEEN CANCELLED***** For more information read here: ************************************************** Our first official live stream of Imperial Assault a Star Wars Mod for Arma 3. Covering the launch of the Scout Pack. Note: The original twitch recording was lost due to an error in the setup.

In addition to the speeder, pistol and Scout Trooper, there is also an Imperial ammo crate and an Imperial Banner, along with a thermal detonator. The crate, banner and detonator are universal assets, so they won’t have to recreate those things for the next mod pack release. It’s also exciting because the more packs they release the more groundwork is being laid for the entirety of the mod and not just the packs themselves. For instance, once they get all the laser fire down with the rifles and pistols they won’t have to go back over and redo them for any new characters (unless they have a brand new weapon type, in which case they will have to make new sounds).

Anyway, they have a long list of characters and assets they plan to implement into the Star Wars: Imperial Assault mod. This includes the AT-AT crew, which we briefly saw in one of the teaser videos before, as well as the Endor Rebel, AT-ST crew, the Rebel Officer, Rebel Trooper and the Sand Trooper.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault

They also plan on including aerial vehicles like the Lambda Shuttle, the Sentinel landing craft and both the Tie Fighter and X-Wing.

The designs are looking quite impressive so far and if they keep to a moderate pace in getting the mod packs out in a timely fashion, we could be seeing some real sparks fly as Star Wars fans begin to take more and more notice of this growing mod project. Heck, this could be the equivalent of the Call of Duty: Galactic Warfare mod from many years ago.

You can check out the roadmap for development that Blue Harvest Interactive is using to right here, or you can check out the official website to keep up to date on new releases and updates.

Additionally, if you already have Arma 3 you can download the Scout Trooper mod pack from over on the Steam Workshop page.


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