SJW Riot: Troops Vs Women Seeks Funding On IndieGoGo

Someone is taking the SJW outrage machine to the crowd-funding coop of IndieGoGo and they’re looking for some funding to turn their idea into a reality. I’m talking about the game from the social media personality known as Indie Devil, the same mind behind the “Boobs Is Life” game jam.

The name of the game is called SJW Riot: Troops vs Women. It’s about an elite squad of soldiers sent in to help dudes in distress.

The game sees the matriarchy attempting to “kill all men” and imprison those they don’t kill. It’s based on some tweets by the more radical individuals who have taken their social media activism to unhealthy degrees of tumblr-influenced obsession.

You can check out the IndieGoGo pitch video for SJW Riot below.

IndieGoGo Campaign: “SJW Riot – Troops vs Women (in Video Game)”

Visit IndieGoGo campaign at “SJW Riot – Troops vs Women (in Video Game)” Go and follow @SJWRiot on twitter for updates – also I talk about it a lot at @indiedevil. BOOB IS LIFE!

That video is as funny as it is entertaining; and despite a lot of the positive feedback it’s received on YouTube it hasn’t exactly turned into monetary support on IndieGoGo.

YouTube commenter RWDgamer states…

“The problem here is that many people who see this video think it’s just a joke so they don’t back the game. IMO you need people to understand that this is for real without requiring further research.”

It’s true that a lot of people have seen the video – more than 20,000 in fact – but only 94 people have contributed to the IndieGoGo campaign. Out of the £30,000 that’s required to complete the funding drive, only £1,395 has been contributed to the cause so far.

I imagine the more sensitive folk out there may take offense to the idea that SJWs will be embattled with troops in violent conflict, however, developer “Yuji Nakajima” states that it’s all just cartoon violence…

“This game will feature many levels, you have full roam of a city, and will have to contend with many enemies. It will be very fun to play!! I plan to include “John Woo” slowmo style action, and you can also share with Twitter your score and videos of your best kill situations. It is violent yes, but it is cartoon fantasy violence (so don’t worry). There will be many men to save, and lot’s of damsel women with boob running around – because we all love boob, boob is life.”

SJW Riot

Additionally, if some of the stretch goals are met the game will feature a reverse mode where players take on the roles of SJWs attempting to take out the troops.

Previously, Yuji – going by the handle Indie Devil on Twitter – made a campaign called “Boob Is Life”, a game jam to help get more creators to make games featuring different sized breasts. It didn’t fare too well but it definitely got a lot of attention.

The new game, SJW Riot is a complete toss-up. If enough people fund it I’m curious how well it would do on something like Steam Greenlight, and even more than that how well it would do on the Steam store.

If you like what “Yuji Nakajima” or the Indie Devil is cooking up on the crowd-funding scene you can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official IndieGoGo page.


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