Secrets Of Grindea, Co-op RPG Available On Early Access

Inspired by the SNES rendition of Secret of Mana (also known to the super-hardcore fans as Seiken Densetsu) Pixel Ferrets’ Secrets of Grindea is a cooperative throwback to the isometric action-RPG genre from the 16-bit and 32-bit era. The game has recently launched on Steam’s Early Access so that the developers can work with the gaming community to improve some of the core features and functions of the title.

Over on the Early Access store page they explain that the game is completely playable but it’s not finished yet. They still have a lot of plans for the arcade survival mode and finishing up the story…

”The Secrets of Grindea beta is highly representative of how we envision the final product, but it lacks much content. In other words, what’s there is very playable, but a lot of things isn’t there. Basically, you can’t play the whole game yet, almost similar to an episodic title that hasn’t released all episodes.”

Words are cheap, though. I’m sure you’ll likely make or break your decision on this game based on the gameplay footage and you can check that out below.

Secrets of Grindea Pre-Order Trailer

Our pre-order site:! After getting a lot of requests from our followers, we’re finally launching pre-orders with instant beta access! Pre-ordering will give you a Steam-key as well as a DRM-free version of the game.

Personally? I’m sold. In fact, when Pixel Ferrets was going through the Greenlight process after it was first announced I loved the concept of the game way back when. It reminds me of Secret of Mana with Harvest Moon’s art-style.

A year later and they’re now ready to take feedback and work on finishing up the game using Steam’s Early Access. And so far the feedback has been very positive.

Usually if a game starts off well on Early Access it ends up well when it’s time for the official launch to commence. In some rare cases a game is praised on Early Access but later receives negative reviews if the developer decides to launch too early and some of the content isn’t intact or there are still bugs that need to be ironed out.

Secrets of Grindea

In the case of Secrets of Grindea, Pixel Ferrets plan on keeping the game in Early Access until the story mode, arcade mode and all the other content blocks are finished.

If you want to help them improve the game you can do so by visiting the discussion threads and staying in communication with them throughout the development process as they add the final touches to the game. For those of you who just want to hack-and-slash on things like you’re rekindling the old SNES co-op RPGs from the golden era of gaming, you can do so right now by picking up a digital copy of the game for $14.99 from the Steam store. For more information on Secrets of Grindea feel free to pay a kind visit to the official website.


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