Rising Thunder, Free-To-Play Robot Fighting Game Announced

During this year’s EVO 2015 Championship Series Radiant Entertainment announced a new-gen fighting game. It’s a free-to-play, online MMO title featuring robots. The game looks pretty sleek and it moves fast and fluent if you’re into fighting games that have smooth-as-butter animations and fighting mechanics that are primed to get players hyped..

You can see the title in action with the debut trailer for Rising Thunder below. It features a bit of gameplay a look at some of the metal-grinding pugilists featured in the game. Check it out below.

Rising Thunder Trailer EVO 2015

Rising Thunder is a free to play fighting game designed for fast-paced online player versus player competition. Sign up for the alpha here! https://www.risingthunder.com/ — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/double_g_games

The reception to the game has been fairly positive, but it didn’t seem to take off much in the hardcore FGC communities. Someone tried posting it over on the Kappa sub-Reddit and it got downvoted worse than Revolution 60 on Steam Greenlight.

A few people had to step in to explain that this is a game being made by people from behind the EVO scene. User AworthyRepost explained that there is a bit of history behind this game and it’s not some far-off free-to-play cash-in coming out of the middle of nowhere…

“It’s a new game by Radiant Ent., the same people who is developing “StoneHearth”. btw, Tony Cannon (a founder of EVO) is the software lead for the game, hence why it’s getting a big push.”

Well, the question becomes will the gaming community – specifically the Fighting Game Community – give a little bit of leeway to a free-to-play title from one of EVO’s own?

As far as I’m concerned the game looks pretty solid. It’s not bringing anything revolutionary to the table like Voice of Steel but it does look like a proper evolutionary step to games like Cyber Gladiators and Rise of the Robots.

Registration for Rising Thunder has just opened up so gamers can attempt to get in on the game’s alpha test, which is set to get underway soon.

Graphically the game looks solid but as a free-to-play game I’m curious what’s to purchase from the cash shop? Will be it aesthetics and accessories to customize the robots or will there be stat buffs and character move modifiers? I guess we’ll find out as more information about the game is made available.

You can register for the Rising Thunder alpha right now by paying a visit to the official website.


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