Overlord: Fellowship Of Evil Focuses On Co-op And Customization

Codemasters brings fans of the Overlord series a new trailer that demonstrates some of the new features in the upcoming Overlord: Fellowship of Evil. This includes a vast array of customization options, co-op and much more all in a humorous World War 2 propaganda trailer film.

That’s right, if you want a green, blue, brown or any other type of minion following your orders, you can have them right under your notorious control. Codemasters brings fans a new Overlord trailer, which displays some new features in the humorous video.

Overlord Fellowship of Evil – Minionstry of Information – Know Your Minions

ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood, Crude Humor, Violence Greetings Humans, While those meatsacks at Codemasters have been busy working away I’ve been teaching Ricket to read using your messages. I must say some of them were delightfully evil and we’ve even learnt a few new words.

The player’s job in this game will be to order minions to bring as much trouble, carnage and destruction toenemies, as well as getting the minions to bring you some nice loot to drool over. In addition to the gameplay, the site had a Q&A with their fans — entitled “Know your minions and your questions answered” — and brought out some interesting stuff.

You can read some of the features below, courtesy of Codies blog

“Fellowship of Evil lends itself to being both a solo or cooperative tale that doesn’t forget to invite the minions. For the first time players will have the choice to invite other players into their game offering a compelling competitive and also cooperative gameplay, where players can collectively experience the different play styles that the four Netherghūls have to offer while commanding hordes of rampaging minions.”

They also talk further on co-op play, which will sport same screen fun as well as multiplayer madness in the blog.

“In terms of co-op, from an early point, we thought about how many co-op games only really “work” in multiplayer, but in an Overlord game, as players have minions, they can use them to fulfil the typical co-op roles. In effect, even in solo play, you’re never alone. This seemed like a unique opportunity to make a game that’s as fun for solo players as it is in co-op.”


“The team are huge fans of games like Towerfall, Samurai Gunn, Rocket League… We play these games in local co-op every lunchtime. These experiences made us believe that if we were going to do co-op, we wanted it to work in same-screen as well as online. This works well with Overlord’s humour; like when you watch a comedy movie alone, versus with 4 people on the same couch.”

Enjoying a humorous game with a group of friends doesn’t sound bad, especially when you get to control wacky minions; sounds like some good fun.

Adding something in that the trailer didn’t display is the way minions will act and behave. Depending on the type of your notorious minions they will level differently, and can serve as a tank, kite or some other role depending on its upgrades and stats. The blog further explains this…

“The minions work differently. Players gain the ability to summon all four minion colours very early in the game. After that, players can upgrade them by spending loot found during quests. The upgrades are colour-specific, so for example, brown minions will eventually gain an upgrade that allows them to taunt enemies for tanking purposes. Players can focus on upgrading one minion colour, or instead spread their loot around all four colours, two colours, or any combination they wish.”

Although the game took a new camera perspective of “overview,” which the first question in the blog thought that it made the game seem like a Diablo spin-off, the devs replied and said that they wanted something different, since this isn’t the third game to the team, as it plays out to be a goofy spin-off with a chance to give fans something new.

This game is slated to land on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. However, no initial release date was confirmed, so I think it’s best advised if you are interested in the game to hit up their main site for all the new info on “Overlord: Fellowship Of Evil.”

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  1. I really hope they put a proper 3rd one out at some point, really enjoyed 1/2/dark legend and raising hell. When this got announced it dawned on me that codemasters understand the overlord fanbase all that much.

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