Hollywood Actor Researches #GamerGate, Goes From Anti To Neutral

Jonathan Daniel Brown, one of the stars from the movie Project X and the lead in Kid Cannabis, was told by former athlete Chris Kluwe to research #Gamergate. Kluwe’s intention was to get Brown to go from light anti-GG to full-on haterade anti-GG. However, Kluwe’s plans backfired since reality doesn’t quite align with the media’s distorted painting of consumers staging a revolt under the hashtag.

Brown kept it simple on Twitter, stating the following.

Kotaku In Action [backup] quickly picked up on the tweets and it became one of the top threads in the sub-Reddit. The attention the thread was receiving actually caught the eye of Hollywood actor Jonathan Daniel Brown, who dipped into the thread to talk it out with the denizens of Kotaku in Action.

Brown states…

“Comedy’s in a weird place, and seeing the attacks on Trevor Noah, Amy Schumer, etc by SJWs has really been an eye opening experience for me. These assholes dig through comedians’ tweets from years ago then publicly crucify them. I’m extremely liberal and bought into the Anti-GG propaganda for a brief bit”

Brown rolls out a few bullet points on the hypocrisy exercised by those labeled as “Social Justice Warriors” – these aren’t the social justice advocates who actually help people, like the Mother Theresas and Mahatma Ghandis of the world. No, these are people who take offense at any little thing and dogpile on people who don’t agree with them.

He even takes digs at the click-bait phenomenon that has contributed to what’s now known as outrage culture. A culture, I might add, that was used to help build up empires like Gawker… and a culture that also appears to be the cause of their downfall.

Brown goes on to point out how one of his neighbors is also one of his prime antagonists, stating…

“I probably should have known better. I live in the same building as a scumbag critic who has personally stalked and attacked me and frequently writes Anti-GG nonsense. When he reviewed Project X, he used moral panic and SJW hyperbole to savage it as evil and offensive and needs to be banned blahblahblah, despite the fact that it was basically just an American Pie style comedy for a newer generation. (Sequel next year btw)”

The end result sees Brown acknowledging that he was wrong about #GamerGate, the scandal that rocked the media industry, and he was wrong about the people under the hashtag staging a consumer revolt…

“In conclusion: I was wrong, GG’s pretty punk rock, and fuck SJWs, they’re fascists. I’m all about pro-consumer movements, and that’s all GG really is. Feel free to follow me on Twitter if you ever feel like reading more of my verbal diarrhea, or just watch Project X or Kid Cannabis, as that helps pay rent for now, somehow.”

This kind of attack on those in the media industry has escalated recently, with Niche Gamer recently reporting that beloved voice actor Troy Baker backed away from Twitter after being attacked for making a joke about Caitlyn Jenner.

While there have been a lot of casualties throughout what many deem to be the great “culture wars” of our time, one thing is for certain: the longer #GamerGate persists the more the truth will come out.

[Update: The spelling of Jonathan Daniel Brown’s name was corrected]


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32 thoughts on “Hollywood Actor Researches #GamerGate, Goes From Anti To Neutral

  1. Mother Teresa didn’t help anyone. She was a monster who got off on people suffering, took money from dictators, and fapped to people in pain she had plenty of money to give proper medical care to because she felt their suffering brought them closer to Jebus.

    She even shut down a proposed NYC location because the city was going to pay to have an elevAtor installed so it met code, because then her nubs wouldn’t have to carry them up and down stairs.

    No, I not exaggerating

      1. I have also heard that Mother Teresa was a monster, but don’t really know much about it.

      2. Gandhi was a pervert, but he did a lot of legitimate, documented good. Mother Teresa just cashed the pay checks.

      3. There’s a little more than his tantric practices. There are issues about racism, political interests and cover ups, as well as some similar behavior to Mother Theresa controversial issues, about medicine and poverty, not embezzlement though.

      4. Not sure what you mean by sauce.

        Just read Christopher Hitchens book if you mean more info.

      5. https://www.nytimes.com/1990/09/17/nyregion/metro-matters-fight-city-hall-nope-not-even-mother-teresa.html


        Naturally these toe the line as mainstream publications. But there’s a start. Read Hitchens book like I said. Read the accounts of her ex nuns, the linked lancet purse about the squalor, and the unanswered questions about the hundreds of millions her followers had squirreled away in the Vatican, which may or may not be feeding unrelated church projects

      6. I would suggest searching for Penn and Teller Bullshit episode on youtube called Holier thah Thou. Not only does it talk about Mother Teresa but also Gandhi and the Dalai Lama.

    1. Came here to say exactly this. Thank you for spreading sanity. Teresa is practically the definition of the Biblical whitewashed sepulcher.

  2. If Kluwe telling him to research GG turned him from Anti to Neutral, I have to wonder if having him read Kluwe’s GG tweets would turn him from Neutral to Pro.

  3. One minor thing. Troy Baker actually just quoted another user’s joke. Dunno if that’s the same thing as him retweeting or just copy pasting the joke and posting it.

      1. Actually what I meant was that the whole thing is even more ridiculous in proper context.

  4. Every time an SJW tells someone else to do research, rather than indoctrinating them personally, you know for certain they’re a true believer. We can chalk Kluwe up to legitimately earning his name Kluweless, he is not being spurned on by malice, but rather by sheer ignorance.

    1. This is also how you can tell Sarah Butts is NOT ignorant, but actually wholly aware of what they are doing, to whom, and why.

  5. best part is the “Fuck SJW” message is spreading. and the more people who realize the hypocrisy bullshit being spewed about by SJWs, the stronger GamerGate is just by association.

  6. Excellent article, goes to show that all it takes is a little interaction.

    I wouldn’t classify Mother Therisa as an individual dedicated to helping people though

    1. Thanks for catching that. Fixed it.

      In the word processor “Jonathan” turned up as a spelling error so it was corrected to “Johnathon”. Apparently I forget to make the appropriate change when copying and pasting it into the back-end.

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