Heroes Of The Storm: Nova Assassin Build Guide

A Heroes of the Storm assassin build guide for Nova teaches gamers how to assassinate from a distance, run and hide when the going gets tough and take out enemy opponents quickly and efficiently with massive single-target damage from the sci-fi sniper.

Some of the basics to know is that the ‘Q’ ability is for Snipe, it’s a straight shot that does moderate damage to a single target. ‘W’ is pinning shot, it does a hefty amount of damage while initially slowing a target down by 30% for 2.25 seconds. The final skill is a decoy skill, which creates a decoy to trick opponents. The special trait for Nova is the cloaking ability, something that will be very useful for an assassin build.

MFPallytime warns users that Nova won’t be dishing out massive single-target damage until level 7. The other thing worth noting is that a non-decoy build will make it difficult for Nova to get out using an assassin build. You can check out the video guide below.

♥ Heroes of the Storm (Gameplay) – Nova, Assassinate Build (HoTs Quick Match)

Support MFPallytime & TGN Squadron on the Squadron Patreon ➜ https://vid.io/xqCJ In today’s episode of the Heroes of the Storm Daily Quest we are playing Nova. To see the full Heroes of the Storm Playlist you can click here ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnHeG0oJcJzA4NcAIVa_4KFY2_6F3gX8t Heroes of the Storm is a raucous online team brawler starring your favorite Blizzard characters.

MFPallytime states that Nova has to roam to gain the most out of her lane experience. If she’s being static in a single lane she won’t get as much experience.

Level 1 go with Ambush Sniper, which increases the damage output from Nova while cloaked.

Level 4 is Gathering Power, which increases all of Nova’s abilities.

Level 7 is all about Anti-Armor Shells, the talent increases basic attacks to deal 250% of damage but Nova’s attack speed is drastically slowed down.

At level 10, for the assassin build, you’ll want to go with Precision Strike for Nova’s Heroic Ability. The skill deals 650 damage with an unlimited range. This means you can take people out from all the way across the map even if you can’t see them or they’re shrouded.

Heroes of the Storm

At level 13 Advanced Cloaking is suggested for Nova’s trait. This helps Nova heal slowly over time and increases her movement speed so she can get out of tough binds when it’s time to relocate and snipe from a distance.

At level 16 Crippling Shot is what you’ll want – this increases Nova’s ‘W’ attack so that when enemies get hit by the Pinning Shot they become vulnerable, taking additional 25% extra damage for the duration of when they’re slowed down. It basically makes Nova’s targets into giant white balloons with red targets painted on them, floating away slowly while being as fragile as glass.

At level 20, for the ultimate assassin build, there’s Precision Barrage, this gives Nova two orbital strike calls instead of just one, but MFPallytime goes with Rewind, which resets the cooldowns of Nova’s basic skill abilities.

Heroes of the Storm is available right now and it’s free-to-play, so you lose nothing giving the MOBA a try. You can check out more guides for Heroes of the Storm right here.


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