GTA 5 RPG Mod Turns GTA Into Skyrim

If GTA V has been too on-the-nose for you and you need some more layered gameplay added to the fold as well as maybe some meta-mechanics to keep you entertained like a modern-day Skyrim, there’s a solution in the form of the GTA RPG mod.

The mod recently went live from mod maker LogicSpawn.

The mod was published over on the GTA5-Mods website and is a multi-functional script for GTA V. It adds leveling up, stats, skills that can be unlocked and upgraded, as well as customization for the single-player character beyond just choosing from the basic Michael, Trevor and Franklin template. You can actually choose your character class and the main idea is to bring the GTA Online multiplayer customization variety and depth to the offline portion of the game.

LogicSpawn even went the extra distance to implement an RNG loot spawner for items and collectible objects. Yes, there’s now a looting meta-game in GTA V and I don’t just mean looting from store owners.

You can see the features of the mod in the video below.

GTARPG Mod Release Video – LogicSpawn

Available at: More info: Released: July 25 2015 — Play GTA RPG in the grand city of Los Santos. Choose your own path, meet new characters and find out if you have what it takes to prove yourself to the Apexers. — Twitter: Facebook: Website:

As mentioned on the GTA5-Mods website, LogicSpawn makes it known that this is a first-try mod and he’ll be upgrading and iterating the mod with more features over time…

“A .NET GTA V mod which adds typical RPG features such as leveling, questing, non-linear dialogue, skills, looting and more. Dialog at the moment is a ‘first’ try and will be improved later on. Currently a Work In Progress with many features “

The script will be upgraded to include skill trees for weapons, dynamic cut-scenes, and even skill trees for cars.

A new RPG user interface has been implemented for players to check their stats and character traits, and an all new dialogue system has been implemented so players can interact with NPCs using a multi-choice dialogue system.

The whole point is to add a lot of layers and depth to the GTA V experience by adding in a lot of the RPG elements from GTA: San Andreas while also combining the gameplay with the in-depth character features and world interaction from a game like Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Kaneda Shotaro on the YouTube page joked, saying…

“10/10 like skyrim with bitches and hoes”

Once the map importing is better ironed out than what it is, you’ll literally be able to import Skyrim maps into GTA V and then it really will be GTA V: Skryim – Pimps & Hoes Edition.

Quite naturally a lot of people also asked about multiplayer capabilities. For multiplayer, you’ll need to check out the custom servers offered through the GTA 5 FiveM server mod.

If you like what LogicSpawn created, you can check out the mod and download it right now by hitting up the GTA5-Mods website.


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