GG Maker Available On Steam, Sports Easy Tools For Making Games

Developer Mike Weir has managed to finish his project GG Maker with the help from publisher Degica. The design tool is made for amateurs and veterans alike, enabling those inspired to create interactive entertainment an opportunity to build and design the game of their dreams… or maybe something close to it.

One of the defining features of GG Maker is the graphically assisted scripting, or GAS, which is designed to be similar to Epic Games’ Blueprints for the Unreal Engine 4. This allows artists, coders and designers alike to easily modify scripts with a visually descriptive tree to follow events, actions and commands without having to scour through thousands of lines of individual code.

You can see how the toolset looks and what the design environment for GG Maker is like in the promotional video below.

As mentioned in the description on the store page…

“Boasting powerful tools for beginners and advanced users alike, GG Maker is the new, cutting-edge engine for developing and sharing your own games. Even if you have never had prior experience with code and scripting, this engine will accommodate you and help your skills grow. Whatever vision you have for your game, GG Maker is there to do the hard work for you.”

The game engine allows for importing of 3D objects and sprite creation so you can make and animate your characters and design 2D, 2.5D, isometric and overhead games with ease.

GG Maker

At the time of the writing of this article there are no reviews on the Steam page for GG Maker, but hopefully they won’t get bombarded with negative reviews from people who may mistaken GG Maker with #GamerGate. And before you say “that’s preposterous!” keep in mind that that’s exactly what happened to the poor folk at GamersGate.

If you’re looking for today’s generation of Klick ‘n Play and you’re curious about exploring your game design skills, you can give GG Maker a try by making games for PC and mobile devices. You can learn more about software by either visiting the Steam store page or the official website.


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