Galak-Z Features Mech Combat On PS4, PC

The top-down, arcade shooter from 17-Bit is expected to launch on August 4th in two weeks. When it arrives gamers will be in for a slight treat: Galak-Z actually supports more than just twin-stick shooting action. It was revealed today that mech combat will also be featured in the game for the PS4 and PC.

US Gamer posted up the new trailer from the indie studio’s upcoming title and it showcases the mech combat, the shooting and the hacking-and-slashing that players can do. Check it out below.

GALAK Z Mech Reveal Trailer

Surprise! Galak-Z’s fighter can turn into a mech. Check out the full trailer here. For more content like this, visit

Originally the game came onto the scene as a physics-based, arcade shooter that hearkens its gameplay back to the days of twin-stick shooters that flooded the arcades from companies like Taito and Banpresto. The idea is that players will go around, shooting and blasting down opponents in space, complete with all sorts of dynamic physics and devastating damage to be dealt out.

The cel-shaded graphics and fast-paced gameplay are aimed at appealing to people looking for something along the lines of a new school version of The Last Starfighter.

With the recent announcement of the mech combat, it adds an extra tier to the gameplay depth. Senior producer, Raj Joshi, from 17-Bit Studios commented about the game and the player’s ability to transform back and forth, noting that there is no limitations on how often players can transform, writing on the PlayStation Blog

“[…] the player can transform from Mech to Ship, and back again, with the touch of a button! Unlimited transforming means you can unleash a barrage of missiles to obliterate shields then speed in sword raised for the kill, or perhaps just pluck an unwary foe from the circus of smoke and explosions and beat him to a pulp.”

It’s a little hard to completely make out the action on screen, but the ability to grab and throw objects as a mech is pretty cool.

You can look for Galak-Z to go live on the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 4 and on Steam for PC on August 4th.


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