Four Realms, An RPG About Saving A Fantasy Animal Kingdom

Hugebot’s Four Realms is an interesting looking game. It’s about players being put into the role of having to save four different animal kingdom realms from a spreading force of evil. It’s played like a side-scrolling god game except players will have an avatar, allies and must use strategy and wits to overcome their foes.

The game’s graphics and art-style seem very similar to the old PC titles from the 1990s where players went around adventuring in medieval-fantasy RPGs like Conan The Barbarian or Shadow of the Beast 3.

What’s different here is that there are abilities afforded to the player to call in allies, directly command the way battles operate and create entities to help with adventuring. What originally looked like a typical side-scroller eventually turned into something far more unique. Check out the trailer below.

Four Realms Trailer

Save the realms of animal-kind from the edge of oblivion by cleverly using spells and uniting the four nations. Kickstarter: Greenlight: Demo:

I’m pretty sure furries will love this game.

The description on the Steam page offers a little bit more insight into the role that gamers will take on in Four Realms

“Aether, the Chaos Magic, ravages the land and splits the four nations. Only a hero summoned by the elements, the Guardian, can save the Four Realms. Become that hero. By collecting elemental Gems you can summon allies, materialize structures, cast powerful enchantments, or conjure devastating spells. Use this magic to stop the Aether!”

The feedback on Steam Greenlight is positive in the sense that many gamers think the theme is pretty cool, and I have to agree with them. While it’s another “save the world” scenario, I like the kind of strategic micromanagement they’ve infused into the gameplay as players go about attempting to rally an army and save each realm. It’s neat.

Hugbot has an alpha demo available for gamers to test out. If you feel the demo is good enough, you can give the game an upvote over on the Steam Greenlight page. Alternatively, if you feel as if the game deserves a bit more than an upvote, you can depart from your dollars and contribute to the game’s Kickstarter.

For those of you who want to play the demo, you can grab it right here.


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