Final Fantasy XV PC Rumors Gain Small Bits Of Traction

A new report from the Master Herald tries to make a compelling case as to why Square Enix may consider releasing Final Fantasy XV on PC. The article makes some decent points but it’s flaccid when it comes to any kind of substantial facts to back up the claims.

The nucleas of the report centers on an unsubstantiated claim that the game was recently demoed on PC. According to the Master Herald article…

“There were reports that a leak demo of the PC version of “Final Fantasy XV” was recently leaked carrying the title “Witch – Chapter 0” and it actually shows what the new Windows 10 is capable of doing to the game running on Microsoft’s very own DirectX 12 engine.”

Poor grammar aside, the concept of demoing a console-centric game on PC is not a foreign concept. In fact, Square Enix originally demoed Final Fantasy: Agni’s Philosophy on a Titan-powered PC to demonstrate the power of the Luminous Engine back during E3 2012, rivaling the likes of Epic Games’ major unveiling of some of the new Unreal Engine 4 tech. Remember that? Well, if not you can check out the real-time demo below.

The main argument now is that Square Enix is now testing their tech on DirectX 12 machines, and that some of their initiatives on PC with their Japanese games are a sign that they could be eying PC as a viable platform to release Final Fantasy XV. Late last year they released Final Fantasy XIII on PC to some fairly positive feedback (as far as ports go; the actual game quality is a whole other story).

Final Fantasy XV coming to Steam and other digital distributors seems like a no-brainer but some of the old-school Japanese publishers sometimes require a lot of coaxing and convincing to make the leap to the Glorious PC Master Rigs.

For now this is just a rumor and there’s nothing quite substantial enough to say with any certainty that this is happening, but it at least feels as if it’s worth documenting in case Square Enix finally overcomes the fear that keeps goosebumps on their short and curlies and announce that Final Fantasy XV will arrive on PC.


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6 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XV PC Rumors Gain Small Bits Of Traction

  1. I suspect we will but not until after the initial release. They also seem really keen on porting those XIII games first so we’d need XIII 3 before a XV release.

      1. I agree. While it’s Canada I’m about to mention, they have their Square Enix Montreal division shovelling out Mobile garbage as fast as they can. For a fraction of the cost of a new game development those guys could port their games and do a better and more efficient job of it.

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