Dream, A Visually Immersive Walking Sim Launches On Steam

Walking sims are here to stay. If you aren’t fond of them it’s okay. They aren’t here to replace your big gun action titles or explosive racing games. Some people have come to terms with walking simulators, others have not. Nevertheless, the sub-genre of exploration adventure games continue to slowly grow and expand with new games tackling various subjects, and one of the newer titles is Dream, a visually immersive game about exploring the dreams of a young man.

The official description for the game on the Steam page reads…

“Dream is an exploration game that takes place within the subconscious mind of Howard Phillips, a young man whose waking hours are tedious and dull, but whose dreams are lucid and powerful. Adventure through these abstract worlds, solve their challenges and discover their secrets in search of the key to Howard’s future.”

The game was voted through on Steam Greenlight and managed to graduate from Early Access with some new features in tow, such as more dialogue, multiple endings and all new collectibles added to the game for players to discover.

You can see some of the gameplay with a 22 minute gameplay video below from YouTuber Matt Shea.

Dream Gameplay | Part 1 – Lucid Dreaming Based Exploration Game (Steam Early Access)

Enter the mind of Howard Phillips, a young man who has developed an obsession with his dreams. Explore unique worlds filled with puzzles, secrets and horrors to find meaning in Howard’s directionless waking life.

The reviews for the game are generally positive. If you enjoy adventure titles with puzzle elements and a small pace, you’ll likely take to Dream.

Some users offered criticisms of the title but it mostly boiled down to: if you don’t like a game that’s about exploration you’ll likely get bored. If you don’t like games where you have to continually solve puzzles, you’ll likely find yourself frustrated with this game. If you don’t like walking simulators… well, stay far, far away.

For those of you who do enjoy walking sims and you want a game that falls closer to the side of being a zen adventure, you might like Dream. Developer HyperSloth put a lot of time into fleshing out the game’s environments and adding a very dream-like essence to the atmosphere.


The game looks interesting but it’ll be up to you to decide whether you feel the game is worth $16.99. It’s 20% off at the moment for only $13.59 for the first week it’s on sale and you can learn more by hitting up the game’s Steam store page or by visiting the official website.


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  1. That garden shot reminds me of an old game, Weird Dreams. There are a bunch of videos of it on YouTube. Still somewhat disturbing even now.

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