Afterlife Empire Gets A Release Date On Steam

Autoboticka and The Fine Young Capitalists are delivering on the crowd-funded promise that was made last year when 4chan, Twitter users under the GamerGate hashtag and various other gaming communities chipped in to see the feminist organization bring a female-designed video game to life. Well, now that game has a release date and Afterlife Empire will be made available on August 14th, 2015 for PC.

As mentioned on the game’s Steam page…

“Afterlife Empire was designed and written by Danielle Maiorino, created by Autobotika, published by The Fine Young Capitalists and funded by the gaming community. Enjoy a game with a diverse cast of all different races, religion and creeds funded by Gamergate and /v/”

The game puts players in the role of a ghost who has to run an afterlife empire by scaring people and feeding off their fear. The object of the game is similar to the Theme games like Theme Hospital, where players will need to grow their afterlife business and keep customers coming back for more while also scaring them without killing them. You can see the trailer for the game below.

2.0 Opening with Gameplay – Still a Draft

See the work in progress video here and if you like it vote for it here.

The Fine Young Capitalists was blackballed by the game journalists and only neutral or pro-#GamerGate websites opted to write about the game. It lets you know that just because females make games doesn’t mean they’re allowed in the “Social Justice Warrior” circles.

Despite the blackout, gamers still voted Afterlife Empire through Greenlight back in April of this year. In an interview, developer Danielle Maiorino mentioned that she would continue to work on games and pursue her dreams even if the media continued a blackout on the project.

The game itself looks fairly decent and hopefully it’s functional and fun. Colombian developer Autoboticka have been letting out screenshots and gifs of the game to give gamers an idea of what to expect and the feedback from the community has been mostly positive and supportive.

Some of the supporters of The Fine Young Capitalists worry that the game may have a difficult time moving units due to the blackout from the traditional gaming media, so it’s likely that YouTubers will have to step in to capture the brunt of the work and get the word out that the game actually exists.

You can keep tabs on when Afterlife Empire launches by hitting up the Steam store page. You can also discuss the game over on the Steam forums where the pro-#GamerGate sentiments are likely to run strong.


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3 thoughts on “Afterlife Empire Gets A Release Date On Steam

  1. Added to my wishlist, gonna buy it when it comes out. Definitely a neat idea for a game!

    Any word on whether TFYC are going to do another game jam to get another game made? I wasn’t able to contribute to the last one, but I’d definitely contribute to them if they continue.

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