Secret Ponchos Launches On Steam Early Access

Switchblade Monkeys recently announced that they have a new promotion for Secret Ponchos in celebration of the game being added to Steam’s Early Access.

Once a week for 12 weeks the developers will unveil some new promotional assets and content for Secret Ponchos. This will continue on up until the game’s official launch this summer on PC  after making waves on the PS4 last December.

Developer Yousuf Mapara commented about the new promotion, saying…

“We’re incredibly proud of Secret Ponchos on PS4, but it has also been a learning experience for us,” … “Rather than simply porting a clone of the PS4 version onto PC, we wanted to take use this opportunity to take what our community has taught us and act on it: to expand the game’s capabilities, flesh out our game world, and give our PC community something that can feel truly theirs.”

You can see how far the devs have come along with the new gameplay trailer below.

Secret Ponchos : “12 Weeks ‘Til Showdown” – Trailer

Get it on Steam for 40% off AND 2 for 1 for a limited time: On June 02, 2015, we start our home stretch towards finalizing Secret Ponchos on PC. Join us for the last 12 weeks of refinement and expansion of Secret Ponchos on Steam Early Access.

As part of the series of promotional content arriving each week for Secret Ponchos, the team has kicked off this week with a spotlight video on Gordo, the minigun wielding outlaw with a mean grin and a deadly penchant for tossing molotov cocktails.

The spotlight video for Gordo can be viewed below, where they walk through each of the character’s abilities and skills and his high and low points during battle. It’s interesting to me that Secret Ponchos seems to have a gameplay setup of a MOBA game but isn’t necessarily the typical MOBA title. Check it out below.

Secret Ponchos: Most Wanted of Lonetree – “Gordo” Breakdown

Episode #1 of Secret Ponchos Most Wanted of Lonetree. Featuring the vile bandit Gordo with his giant Gatling gun and deadly Molotov infernos. Gordo makes his debut on Steam Early Access in week 1 of our “12 weeks ‘Til Showdown” (along with other exciting updates).

Secret Ponchos definitely seems like a game worth keeping an eye on. It’s due for release later this summer on PC. It might be worth checking out if you’re looking for an isometric deathmatch game set in western times.

The game is available on Early Access for $14.99 over on Steam. You can also learn more about Switchblade Monkey’s 3D action title by paying a visit to the official website.


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