No Man’s Sky PC, PS4 Simultaneous Launch Confirmed During Awkward PC Gaming Conference

Hello Games’ Sean Murray has confirmed that No Man’s Sky will launch simultaneously on PS4 and PC… when it’s ready. This was confirmed during the super awkward PC Gaming Show that was sponsored by AMD and PC Gamer.

The PC Gaming Show… oh boy, what a low-budget, late-late-night affair that was. I’ll get to that too-poor-to-be-a-proper-trainwreck in a minute, but first up you’ll want to check out the new gameplay footage Hello Games had to showcase for PC gamers during the PC Gaming Show conference. You can check it out below, courtesy of PC Gamer.

No Man’s Sky – E3 2015 PC Gaming Show trailer

As revealed at the PC Gaming Show, No Man’s Sky will be on PC.

No Man’s Sky is an open-universe game where players can explore nearly countless planets and share their experiences with other players. The game allows you venture about planets, shoot things, scavenge things and upgrade your old things into new things.

Previously, everyone thought that No Man’s Sky was just a timed PS4 exclusive, but now we find out that it’s going to be a timed console exclusive with the game arriving first on PS4 and PC. It’s looking like a real beaut.

But let’s circle back around to that PC Gaming Show conference…

This was about as bad but not quite as bad as the VGX that Geoff Keighley and Joel McHale hosted, which felt like the aborted fetus of a talk show mutant that got knocked up by an escaped awards show mental patient.

No Man's Sky

Instead, the PC Gaming Show was an embarrassingly small affair where the developers seemed like they didn’t want to be there and the budget didn’t seem as if it was put together well enough to support anything beyond confirming a lot of stuff we already knew or meager stuff that couldn’t fit within the limited time of the more important E3 conferences.

Nevertheless, there were some entertaining moments throughout the overtly long Talk Soup-quality affair, such as the mic going out during Hitman and the host having to lean in close so that he and the guest could share his mic, leading to the Twitch chat to shout out in unison: kiss!

Anyway, the show was more boring than it was entertaining and hopefully they can iron out something a bit more streamlined and entertaining the next time around. Mad props, though, to host Sean ‘Day[9]’ Plott who managed to work as the super glue to the whole thing which seemed like it was some deformed monstrosity made out of crusty construction paper that was desperately trying to fall apart and put itself out of its misery.

But enough about that. Who’s excited for No Man’s Sky on PC?


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5 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky PC, PS4 Simultaneous Launch Confirmed During Awkward PC Gaming Conference

  1. I was actually looking forward to the PC Gaming show at E3, hoping they could really show off some upcoming PC titles. But many people online started talking about how the show was actually quite boring and dull. Some even went as far as to say that it was the most boring presentation in E3 this year. I took a look at the E3 show and I’ve gotta agree that it was pretty dull. Outside of PC Gamer Magazine’s online community I am hard pressed to find anyone that has good things to say about the PC Gaming show. But at least some good news and info came out of the show.

  2. I didn’t know what to expect from this one. If it was a live show where all hosts were dressed as PC Master Race (you know, the white hair thing) snickering about 720p and 30 FPS it would be a very sour note to sing, in my opinion.

    But it wasn’t even that, it’s just mediocre. 2 and a half hours long of very brief adn fast interviews with no new interesting content whatsoever. They even brought two AMDs employee who didn’t do jack shit except advertising their product like it was a TV commercial. I mean, HBM technology inside the newer AMD GPUs are awesome and all, but explain to lay people how it is awesome, what the hell it actually is, show graphs, charts, show pricetags and all.

    They should have shown a good array of PC exclusive titles, PC exclusive offers, PC exclusive mods and big time mod creators, and do it throughly.

  3. I dont know if it is a problem of lacking budget.

    The main problem was that the focus of the whole show seemed to be about technology and graphics instead of anything really interesting, the intro to the show was so masturbatory that it made me cringe (LOOK AT HOW SEXY THAT THERMAL PASTE IS).

    There was very very little in the way of gameplay, the best bits were when they played Strafe and that “binding of issac with guns” game, i wish they would have done more of that, the rest was freaking boring and the AMD infomercials repulsive.

    I will give the host one thing, pretty much all his questions were incisive and about something i wanted to know, this is probably the first time ever ive been able to say that about a host in this type of show, he did a pretty good job with what he had to work with.

    To that ill add that there was a depressing lack of Firaxis and Valve.

    1. Yeah I was waiting for Valve or CD Projekt or any major PC brand to make an appearance and give gamers “something”. But the show ended with the No Man’s Sky stuff and it’s like, WTF was that?

      The Twitch part was probably the most exciting part just because I was curious to see what they would start spamming next.

      1. Oh yeah, I didn’t think about CD Projekt because they said they would not talk about Cyberpunk but i guess they could have shown the Witcher 3 Expansion or talk a bit about GOG.

        Now that i think about it they also didnt say anything about steamboxes other than the AMD box thing or say anything about digital distribution.

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