MotoGP 15 Launches On Xbox One With Some Known Issues

Milestone S.r.l.’s MotoGP 15 has been made available for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC this week, but the developers are already warning that Xbox One owners may have problems with the game.

VG 24/7 spotted a post on the official Milestone website where Luisa Bixio Milestone vice president confirmed that there could be some issues with MotoGP 15 on the Xbox One and only the Xbox One, stating…

“With the latest tests, we noticed that the Xbox One version could be affected with some known bugs. For this reason we’re working really hard to bring a patch close to the Day1 release in order to fix all the possible issues and make the best experience for our players”… “As always our customer support is completely at players’ disposal in the event of possible issues”

This issue with Milestone’s racing games having problems on Xbox One aren’t uncommon because they had previous issues with Ride. Users complained about the game having some problems on the Xbox One, from loading to the saved games.

So far gamers looking for a motorcycle racing title tackling the professional circuits have been excited about MotoGP 15 and you can briefly see the game in action with the trailer below.

MotoGP 15 Release Trailer

MotoGP 15 is out now! Buy it here: Available on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows PC. The new MotoGP™15 is the third instalment of the motorcycle racing series dedicated to the most adrenalin-charged championship in the world.

The game on PlayStation and PC platforms they don’t have quite as many problems as the Xbox One version, but users are complaining about the quality of the game itself in regards to PC. One user, astrohm93, logged close to 10 hours into the game and briefly wrote…

“Please don’t buy so milestone loses their license. This is motogp 14 with a new 49.99 price tag, only difference is AI is worse!!”

Slick Reed goes into a bit more detail about the problems, saying…

“This game performs better the Motogp14 and the riders look alot better very simliar to RIDE. But its a reskin of last years game. the riding physics are worse then Motogp14. I think the worse thing of all is the tracks and environment, they look terrible, low res background and its just DATED really DATED. Play Project Cars and you will know what I mean about environment and tracks.


“Thank God for steam Refunds.”

I’m sure companies like Milestone and Warner Bros are really hating those Steam refunds at the moment, but it’s been a boon for helping consumers make proper buying decisions and getting their money back when the game doesn’t quite pan out.

MotoGP 15 is available right now for home consoles and PC, and you can pick up a copy at your own discretion.


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  1. Seems the MotoGP games haven’t got any better since I bowed out of the series a few years back. Hopefully with the number of Indies around another developer could make an actual good unofficial biking/sports sim and kick these guys into touch.

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