League For Gamers Sign-Ups Begin, Aims To Fight Against Unethical Media

League For Gamers is the new official face and watchdog to protect and look out for consumer interests. It’s a non-profit organization looking to fight on behalf of gamers and the gaming community, working as the intermediary between the people who buy games and the people trying to sell people games.

Headed up by game designer Mark Kern, a laudable advocate for #GamerGate, League For Gamers aims to be the hammer that shapes the iron of ethics in today’s interactive entertainment industry. The organization will likely find itself fighting alongside the likes of the #GamerGate denizens to protect gaming from the ill-intentioned interlopers.

As mentioned on the site’s FAQ…

“Gamers need a voice that represents them at both the industry and legislative levels. We are currently focused on two main issues surrounding the industry: ethical and fair treatment by both gaming press and mainstream media, and creative freedom for developers.


“League for Gamers believes the current climate of game and mainstream journalism to be unfairly biased against video games, many times through ignorance, or at worst, a lack of ethical reporting. League for Gamers intends to provide a loud, collective voice that gamers can get behind to help fight these unwarranted biases in the press.“

The organization will aim to foster positivity in gaming, collaborations with indie devs to help them get started on the right path to success, and to hold accountable those who would attempt to undermine the quality, direction and community of the interactive entertainment industry.

League For Gamers fought hard against the likes of SOPA, PIPA and CISPA and now they’re revamped and recharged to bring the fight to the unethical doorstep of games media and mainstream media.

Of course, many gamers are probably curious about what steps they can take to join the frontlines and be the vanguard against corruption in the gaming industry. Well, they outline the most important thing that gamers can do to help fight the good fight, stating in the FAQ…

“The single, greatest thing you can do to help League for Gamers is to sign up. With numbers we can accomplish a lot to change the world of gaming for good. But this is not possible without being able to demonstrate to lawmakers, press and the industry that we are a large market force.”

If you like what League For Gamers is attempting to do within the gaming industry and you feel consumer rights are important, that upholding ethical market practices is important and that holding unethical media outlets accountable for defamation, misinformation and slander, then feel free to sign-up over on the official League For Gamers website.

The site and organization will live and reach its full power in July.


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2 thoughts on “League For Gamers Sign-Ups Begin, Aims To Fight Against Unethical Media

  1. Seeing how Mark Kern has conducted himself on Twitter over the last several months, I believe he’s the right guy to run this sort of organization. He has constantly stood against the mob of neo-puritans/ pro-censorship individuals who have tried bullying to shame gamers and game developers. He has also taken well justified swings at the corrupt and decietful game “journalists” who have done everything to slander gamers and game developers (even if he did claim game journos were not to blame for this initially but he saw how bad they had become and rightfully called what they do “yellow journalism.”)

    I hope the League for Gamers is a remarkable success.

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