Guerrilla Games Busy On Horizon, But Will Get To Killzone 5

The news on Horizon and the trailer was very interesting and unique, and even pretty cool. However, doing some research, Guerrilla Games is busy with their newest game but will get around to working on their fifth title of Killzone. From what is said of Killzone, Guerrilla Games became well-known for making the first-person shooter game, which was “dark and gritty” and brought four titles to its name. But, since the devs are now working on a new game called Horizon, which they say is a “post-post-apocalyptic” type title, it’s expected that the shooter title Killzone might get a fifth one much later.

I should note that they are doing quite a bit of work with Horizon, since they have to try to get the game out by 2016. And for those that want to see a new title of Killzone shouldn’t be too worried. Peering over to The Games Cabin, they bring out some pretty interesting points about what the devs will do with the first-person shooter game…

“Speaking during the live broadcast over on Twitch, the developers were asked about the Killzone franchise and what the future plans are. The developers gave a frank and honest answer by saying that they’re busy working their arses off with Horizon: Zero Dawn and that the other Guerrilla team (Cambridge) is busy with Rigs, but they haven’t forgotten about the franchise and that “Killzone is waiting.””

Fans might have to wait some time, if they want to see a new title. But, looking at Killzone: Shadow Fall, and doing some research, the game didn’t receive the best reception or I should say scores. Looking on different forums, many thought the game was just okay or was alright. Upon doing some research on the uniqueness of Horizon: Zero Dawn, I could see why people are very excited about Guerrilla Games’ new title.

So now that we know that Guerrilla team (Cambridge) is hard at work with Rigs, and fixing kinks with their newest game, fans of Killzone can rest peacefully since the dev team didn’t forget about the franchise, it’s just in waiting.

Though I wasn’t much of a huge Killzone fan, I do wonder what Guerrilla Games will do with the newest Killzone 5. I say this because after seeing what they did with Horizon: Zero Dawn — and bringing a post-post-apocalyptic genre and a weird funky atmosphere into play — I do wonder what the team will do with the newest Killzone… when they do get around to it.


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