GTA 5 Modding Now Supports Map Imports

GTA V is one of those games where the encryption made it locked down harder than a Tumbler convention for otherkin taking place next to a Hell’s Angels biker bar. However, as we all know, if there’s a will there’s a way. There are no safe spaces in the world. GTA V gamers should be pleased to know that coders have cracked yet another layer of Rockstar’s closely guarded code to enable modders to begin importing physical maps into GTA V.

Over on the GTA Forums, NTAuthority has managed to important the GTA London map into GTA V. YouTuber taltigolt did a brief video on it that you can check out below.

GTA London Converted To GTA V

I was supposed to have this video up yesterday but i ran into complications as i usually do, i am ashamed to have failed you, this is another breakthrough by my friend NTAuthority, this time he has converted gtalondon to gta 5 and it’s so much better than iv this engine is SOOO much more stable pops are entirely gone it’s so smooth and stable, this is HUGE in terms of news only a matter of time before the rest.

NTAuthority rolls out a very long and detailed tutorial on how to make your own maps and import them into Grand Theft Auto V over on the GTA Forums. It’s not for the light of heart or the thin of technological literacy.

Additionally, taltigolt also tossed up a video showing Vice City being converted into a workable map for GTA V. You can check out that video below.

Vice City Converted To GTA V

oh and for fun heres a new render of symetium it’s a side project i am working on (please ask before making any monetized videos of this mod) download 🙂 I love showing you things like this, it makes me feel unique and i love that, this is

According to taltigolt…

“I love showing you things like this, it makes me feel unique and i love that, this is vice city converted to gta 5 in such a good way that i am SHOCKED, it took two years for map converts on iv like this yes years as i was doing videos of the vice city and san andreas for iv too,”

It is true that it took the RAGE modding team years to convert over Vice City and San Andreas into GTA IV due to the complexity of making everything work right in the RAGE IV without constantly crashing. It was a very unstable engine at the time, but Rockstar has really optimized the crap out of the RAGE following the release of Max Payne 3, which still goes down in history as one of the most optimized games I’ve ever played. I was a little shocked given how poorly optimized GTA IV was on PC.

Additionally, it’s kind of weird but some gamers can’t wait to see Liberty City from GTA IV remade in GTA V. Based on the release of the Happiness Island already making the rounds, as showcased in the video below, I wouldn’t doubt it that we could see a complete Liberty City conversion sometime soon in the near future.

Happiness Island Converted To GTA V Happiness island converted by my friend indirivacua,It’s a new modding revolution and it’s going faster than i ever could have imagined, on iv it took MONTHS for map converts but we didn’t have collision so you just fell through the maps, and with gta 5?

Collision is right proper, the geometry is stable and the physics appear to be working right. It’s a miracle.

The OpenIV Team led by GooD-NTS are really doing the modding community a huge service with their work and efforts. The only thing left now is model imports and then… the modding circle for GTA V will be complete: textures, maps, scripts and models.


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