Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae Version 2.0 Out Now

Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae version 2.0 is currently available. All the details on the Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae 2.0 changes have emerged online thanks to this week’s issue of Famitsu.

According to the magazine and as reported by sites like Attack of the Fanboy, Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae 2.0 includes all new cooperation attacks and evasive maneuvers. It’s also possible to now mix and match combos with the ability to change attacks during combos. They also added the ability to charge great sword attacks and allows gamers to fight Catoblepas by the lake.

Camera control tweaks have also been added to version 2.0, making the camera easier and more fluent to control.

Final Fantasy XV

There’s more little things in version 2.0, which some folks are still discovering. It’s all very exciting though and it just goes to show how dedicated the team is to showing the fans how the game is progressing and what kind of direction the gameplay is taking in Final Fantasy XV.

Over on the official Square Enix website, Dan Seto, Japanese community manager mentioned…

“[…] there’s a lot of direct interactions between all the characters that have been added as well. One of the main themes of Final Fantasy XV is the journey that these characters go on together and they’re all supposed to be ‘close friends’, so now you’ll be able to get a greater sense of their friendships.”

Final Fantasy XV has been in development for quite some time. The game was originally announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII and was going to be released exclusively on PlayStation 3. However, various development issues have made Square Enix rebrand the game as Final Fantasy XV, which is now being directed by Hajime Tabata and no longer by Tetsuya Nomura, now working on Kingdom Hearts III.

The latest trailer will give you a glimpse into what’s been recently added.

FINAL FANTASY XV -EPISODE DUSCAE- Version 2.0 – Promotional Video [Updated version from ATR 6.0]

Due for release on 9th June 2015, the update to the playable demo for upcoming blockbuster title FINAL FANTASY XV, features impressive new features and enhancements. Check out this video which showcases some of the new things you can see and do!

Final Fantasy XV is currently in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and a final release date has yet to be confirmed

That’s about it for updates on the progress of Final Fantasy XV for now. Be sure to let us know what you think of Episode Duscae version 2.0!


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7 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae Version 2.0 Out Now

    1. I plan on checking tonight after work, but I doubt it. The Japanese are a lot different; they don’t get pushed around as easily by people who don’t cut their paychecks.

      They know what their core audience wants, and it’s not female characters wrapped in 7 layers of clothing and a chastity belt.

      1. Plus in Japan these types of characters do sell games.

        Personally I think they do in the west to a younger audience but a ton of those guys would never admit it, but they’d still happily spend time clearing out the encrusted waste bin filled with kleenex.

      2. They sell here as well. You just have a small vocal minority being pushed by the media saying its not. I like the way Cidney looks. She’s appealing to the eyes.

  1. I hope this is the future of game development for Japanese AAA (and maybe western for stuff like watch dogs). Put out a few demos, get feedback and fix what doesn’t please the customer but not neutering your games vision for the social justice police.

  2. What does this mean for the first demo?

    Can you still download it to PS4? Can you still redeem the code that comes with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Day One Edition?

    I know it’s just a demo, but the evolution of a game is still intriguing. Go back and watch some Bioshock Infinite coverage, gameplay, trailers, and you’ll see the game is basically a different game. I find it interesting.

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