Developers Talk “Hard Work” And More About Cyberpunk 2077

Anybody who is a fan of cyberpunk movies, books and games are probably looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077. It’s a futuristic, stylized game that is set to come out sometime in 2017.   I do have to admit, I’m quite a fan of dark-looking cyberpunk games. Although, at first I didn’t like the old 1993 Syndicate game but after playing it a few years back it was quite cool to be a retro game. With that said, CD Projekt Red is said to bring more info about the game in the future. However, they are currently working on The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, which the official Witcher site notes that two new major expansions will come titled: Heart Of Stone and Blood and Wine.

Although the devs were hard at work with the Witcher 3, now that it is out it seems like maybe Cyberpunk 2077 might get some more news. Looking back, it’s been some time since it was actually revealed, and though some small info leaped out over the years, we really don’t know all that much about the new cyberpunk game.

Looking back to the aforesaid, it was noted by the studio that they would not discuss the game until 2017, this is according to an interview that the studio had with IGN. In addition, the studio is focusing on the Witcher 3 and making it their main focus for the next couple of years, this was mentioned during the interview as well by the company CEO Marcin Iwinski, and the Head of Marketing Michal Gilewski.

However, some might say why even tell us about it so early, and then not even talk about it? Well, they did this because they wanted to see how fans and other people wold respond and react to it. During the interview, Iwinski had explained that…

We released the Cyberpunk teaser trailer because we wanted to see how gamers felt about it”

Adding on to the quotes, Iwinski also noted about the Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 by saying…

“You can craft swords for 12 years, but you might get burnt out. People might want to leave and go work on something else. We’re excited to switch to guns. We intended to keep [the team] energized with Cyberpunk. The core team is working The Witcher 3’s expansions, but more and more people are moving over onto Cyberpunk.”

Since it is noted that more and more are working on the new game, it means that some work is being put into it. Are you excited about Cyberpunk 2077? I know I’m quite excited about it. And for those that haven’t seen the trailer or don’t really know about the game, you can watch the trailer below.

Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser Trailer

Welcome to the year 2077. More info: The teaser shows how the Psycho Squad might acquire a new member. The Psycho Squad specializes in combating “psychos” — individuals who overuse implants and substances that boost or otherwise alter the human body.



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