Beyond Flesh And Blood Launches This Fall For PC, Xbox One 2016

Due out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Pixelbomb Games has recently confirmed that Beyond: Flesh and Blood, the third-person mech shooter, will arrive for PC this fall and for the Xbox One in 2016. They didn’t specify what the time frame would be for the title appearing on the PS4.

The Unreal Engine 4-powered shooter is designed around Japanese mech culture with a smattering of American horror and gore. It’s an interesting mix set in a futuristic world where players will attempt to reclaim planet Earth by choosing from four different mechs and battling it out against in real-life inspired locations centered around Beetham Tower and Albert Square.

Pixelbomb’s Lee Blacklock commented about the game’s impending launch for home consoles and PC, explaining in the press release that…

“We are extremely proud to be part of the ID@Xbox program. Their presence at major events has been incredible; and as busy as he is, Agostino Simonetta being present to chat to developers speaks volumes about Microsoft’s real commitment to indies like us.”

The latest E3 video for Beyond: Flesh and Blood consisted of a fly-through of one of the levels, which you can check out below from Gaming Universe.

Beyond: Flesh and Blood | Trailer E3 2014

Trailer zu Beyond: Flesh and Blood für PlayStation 4 und Xbox One.–beyond-flesh-and-blood/–beyond-flesh-and-blood/

The above trailer does very, very little to convince anyone about what the game is actually about, but it does a fair job of at least showing you what the graphics will be like.

Previous developer diaries offer a bit more bite and a heck of a lot more punch when it comes to showcasing how brutal and violent the game can be. In fact, you can see it for yourself with one of the older videos below from Non Pro Gaming Guy.

Andrew Plays – Beyond Flesh and Blood – PC – Demo

Welcome to Manchester, now I’m not here for the shopping or the sport, I’m here for the shooting. Here is a bit of a play of the Demo of Beyond Flesh and Blood from pixelbomb Only an Alpha, and some of the fps issues are of my own doing, but worth a look!

The demo has actually been downloaded more than 10,000 times on PC already. Feedback still seems to be somewhat sparse for the title so it’s tough to get a gauge on how the community really feels.

Nevertheless, Beyond: Flesh and Blood will arrive on Windows 10 and other compatible PCs this September. The press release further states that the game will be made available for the Xbox One in 2016. You can check out the official website.


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