Victoria: Sky City, Platforming Runner Sprints Onto Steam Greenlight

A new side-scrolling, platforming runner called Victoria: Sky City has recently landed on Steam Greenlight. Designed by Tall Story Studios, the title features three playable characters in a steam-punk Victorian city named Victoria.

The game is a little bit like Vector, insofar that players will have an antagonist chasing them down and their objective is to escape while also beating other baddies, dealing with turrets and even having to solve some platforming puzzles.

As mentioned on the game’s Greenlight page…

“Typically a runner game would constantly have a player moving right and jumping across platforms, however Victoria gives players the freedom to run left and right across the side-scroller, and to jump and climb, glide, slide etc! This is useful for handling mechanics such as cranes that need adjusting, and gas leaks that need fixing.”

Sounds interesting enough. A very early pre-alpha video of the game was released on Greenlight that you can check out below.

Victoria Greenlight Trailer

Now live on Greenlight!

The running animations… don’t worry, you weren’t the only ones who noticed and the developers are already hard at work on fixing them. In fact, they released a gif of the improved animations for the main character below.

As mentioned by the developer in the recent update post

“The animations are being worked on right now, as animations change we will be adding them into the game.”

“We will also be doing early access if we are greenlit, so please keep voting! I know everyone has different art styles they likes and hate, the same with the type of game. Platformers are fairly common, which is why i’ve pushed so hard to make this game as unique as it can be, without taking several years about it.”

It’s kind of expected that a game getting greenlit will travel from the prelims and then get a good knocking or two from the community in the Early Access phase to iron out any bugs or glitches before release. Despite what some people say, Early Access is actually a good way for devs to communicate with the community to ensure that the final release is right proper. In fact, if Ubisoft or Activision started doing Early Access it might actually help them improve their games by the time they launch. And heck, at least when you buy into Early Access you know you’re getting an unfinished, partially developed game but you can at least help the devs make the proper fixes so the game is a heck of a lot more polished than what we get from AAA sector in the current climate.

Anyway, a parkour Marry Poppins game is novel enough and it has my interest. I’m kind of shocked we haven’t already seen more clones of games like Vector, but a steam-punk, Victorian-themed game with running, jumping, sliding, umbrellas and a city in the clouds is just fine.

You can vote for the game or favorite it by paying a visit to the Steam Greenlight page.


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  • lucben999

    hmmm looks a bit simplistic and I’m not a fan of those animations, not just the running one, but hey this is very early footage, also Ori and the Blind Forest probably has me spoiled on that.

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