Star Wars: Imperial Assault Mod Speederbike Teaser Video Released

Blue Harvest Interactive recently posted a new update on their website to unveil some details on the upcoming total conversion project for Arma III. The new Star Wars: Imperial Assault mod will slowly roll out new assets for the total conversion as they become available and the Speederbike is one of the first assets to get showcased for the mod courtesy of a teaser video.

McRuppertle posted up the minute long video on his YouTube channel and you can check it out below.

Speederbike Teaser Trailer- Imperial Assault – Arma 3 Mod

Teaser Trailer of the upcoming Speederbike and Scouttrooper. DOWNLOAD HERE: Visit Our Website: Visit Forum Thread here: Dev Blog Videos here: reddit: stay tuned for more awsome stuff!! cheers Ruppertle

As you can see, the sounds and movements of the Speederbike look about as legit as you can get for a mod that isn’t officially licensed gaming material by Disney Interactive or LucasArts.

The Scout Trooper and Speederbike’s first iteration releases are scheduled to go live in June.

So why aren’t the assets available right now? Over on the developer blog the first situation report, or sitrep, has gone live where the project lead explains that the Scout Trooper still needs a bit of work, writing…

“The Scout trooper now has a complete set of textures and we are reasonably happy with how it is looking, however the model does have a few issues which will require some additional work. David (Munoz Velaquez) has committed to rework some parts of the model and textures so we are very excited to see what he will do. This in itself will add a bit of a delay to the package, but we are confident the pack will be much better for it.”

Star Wars: Imperial Assault

The Scout will also come with his own blaster pistol and the model for it was recently finished by Kevin “RumHam”. You can catch a glimpse of the pistol in the tweet below.

Blue Harvest Interactive will host a Twitch stream after the assets have been finalized and then give gamers a little speeder race before releasing the package for the Star Wars: Imperial Assault total conversion for Arma III.

Things will likely get exciting when more of the Rebel troops are added and the AT-ATs and AT-STs finally make it into the mod.


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