Rainbow Six: Siege Release Date Set For October 13th

Ubisoft has announced the official release date for Rainbow Six: Siege via a new announcement trailer. The physics-oriented shooter is set to release on October 13th, 2015 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

PC Advisor has a very detailed article about Rainbow Six: Siege, almost as if this was the first time they’ve heard about the game and decided to do an encyclopedic rundown of all the features and content. As I mentioned, it’s a very detailed article.

The trailer itself is short and snappy and clocks in at just under a minute. You can see it in action below where they reveal the October 13th release date for home consoles and PC.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Official – Release date announcement trailer [UK]

Selecting one of 20 Operators will be an important choice for all Rainbow Six Siege players. Will you focus on jamming the opposing squad’s communications? Or will you favor the ever-reliable bulletproof barricade? Will a ranged breach launcher be more useful to you than a sledgehammer?

Pre-ordering the game enables gamers to partake in the pre-release beta test. I can’t even believe that you now have to commit to a purchase beforehand in order to play-test the game to see if you’ll like it.

Now I know some people will compare pre-order beta tests with things like Early Access. It is true that they’re very similar. However, Early Access is very much upfront that the game is incomplete and cheaper in Early Access format than in its finished state. Additionally, some developers will really work hard to use the community’s feedback to grow and expand the game in a proper way, similar to Unknown World’s Subnautica, where they actually went out of their way to ask if they were being pro-consumer or not.

Also, with Early Access, one person can bite the bullet pay for the game and upload some Let’s Play videos so everyone else can see whether or not it’s a game worth purchasing. With these closed alpha and closed beta tests, oftentimes there are NDAs in place so the public can’t see what the game is like.

Anyway, there are two different versions of Rainbow Six: Siege available, the standard edition and the special edition called the “Art of Siege” edition. You get gold weapon skins, a collector’s box and a 120 page tactical guide.

You can learn more about the two different editions, the beta test and the gameplay by paying a visit to the official Rainbow Six website.


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