Project CARS Vs Forza 5 Graphics Comparison

For Xbox One owners the decision to stick with Forza Motorsport 5 or switch over and purchase Project CARS might be a difficult one. However, if graphics are the bread and butter of your gaming desires and everything else comes second, there’s a nifty graphics comparison between the two games to at least give you an idea as to what the disparity is like between Turn 10 Studios’ title and Slightly Mad Studios’ title.

YouTuber Robert Cram, from, took time to measure the graphical detail between both Project CARS and Forza 5 and he did so using as close a comparison as possible, even offering direct feed footage of the comparison via Mediafire. You can check out the footage below.

Forza MotorSport 5 vs Project CARS Head to Head

A video which looks at Forza Motorsport 5 vs Project CARS in terms of graphics and features. The console versions are used in the comparison. DIRECT FEED DOWNLOAD LINK: Enjoy the video please subscribe to help grow the channel.

The six minute video is quite telling but there are a few caveats to the comparison. For one, the lighting is slightly different given that in Project CARS the clouds aren’t creating an overcast effect. Because of this, Forza 5 looks slightly more dulled when it comes to the lighting in comparison to Project CARS, since in the latter’s case the sun reflections are made quite apparent and in the former’s case the clouds obscure some of the sunlight’s reflection.

Even still, if you look at the two shots close together you can tell that Project CARS‘ lighting appears to better reflect the washed out tones of real life, where-as Forza 5 has slightly more saturated colors.

Forza 5
Project CARS

You can also see in the images above that Forza 5 has fewer details on the background environments. The wall and grass are flat at that specific camera distance and the 2D crowd say all they need to say about the level of detail present in the background.

Project CARS’ environments are a lot more gritty and realized; scuff marks, scratches and weather worn textures stretch across the protective barrier in the back. The red and white paint scheme look brow beaten by experience and a lifetime of unintended close calls.

In other words, Project CARS’ background tells a story; Forza 5’s background does not.

As for the cockpit… I actually think that Turn 10 Studios’ title beats out Slightly Mad Studios’ racing sim. Check out the comparison shots below.

Forza 5
Project CARS

Forza 5’s cockpit has a lot of life and vibrancy added to it. It looks authentic and the lighting helps illuminate the interior to really help make it pop. You can tell Turn 10 was really proud of their cockpit work and it fills up a large portion of the screen while also avoiding obscuring the road ahead. It’s beautiful geometrical craftsmanship, really.

That’s not to take anything away from Project CARS… it just looks a little less enthused by comparison. It’s still accurately modeled and very detailed. It just feels a little less visually bombastic compared to Forza 5.

The video above showing both games running side by side also reveals slightly more consistent frame-rate behavior from Turn 10’s outing, if only by a miniscule amount. The frame-rate issues in Project CARS across the PS4 and Xbox One is no secret, though. Slightly Mad Studios have been working hard to fix the issues and get the game to run as smooth as possible without screen tearing or dropping frames, as reported by Next Powerup.

I would definitely say that on the Xbox One, Project CARS definitely takes the graphical edge over Forza 5 – despite the former being 900p and the latter being 1080p – but it comes at the expense of frame-rate stability. Of course, when dealing with limited hardware capabilities these kind of concessions have to be made.


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